[40 Questions] CSE Reviewer: Antonyms

A reviewer about word antonyms for the upcoming Civil Service Exam or CSE.

In this review, you must choose the best antonym for the word given. This can help can you prepare for the upcoming Civil Service Exam or CSE.

Antonyms reviewer

1. Czarmaine accompanied her sister to the drugstore.
A. followed
B. let go on one’s own
C. left behind
D. stopped

2. Besides the boulevard are gigantic buildings.
A. alley
B. street
C. avenue
D. road

3. He often got into trouble because he was brusque.
A. blunt
B. rude
C. refined
D. curt

4. The reporter’s candid remarks caught the mayoralty candidate off-guard.
A. secret
B. frank
C. well-thought
D. reserved

5. The mean boys derided the sickly boy.
A. made of fun
B. ridiculed
C. praised
D. abandoned

6. Charm was ecstatic when she won first prize in the short story writing contest.
A. melancholic
B. overjoyed
C. worried
D. energetic

7. Migraine headaches are excruciating.
A. extremely painful
B. mild pain
C. painless
D. healing

8. The quiz proved to be facile so the students got high scores.
A. difficult
B. easy
C. average
D. answerable

9. The garrulous girls were distanced from each other.
A. mute
B. talkative
C. behaved
D. quiet

10. The heathens used to practice cannibalism.
A. uncivilized people
B. barbaric people
C. old people
D. cultured people

11. Keep on believing that physical disability is not a hindrance to success.
A. block
B. stepping stone
C. opportunity
D. difficulty

12. Never operate a machine once you are inebriated.
A. sober
B. drunk
C. sleepy
D. active

13. The people inveighed against the sharp increase in oil prices.
A. admitted
B. amended
C. accepted
D. deliberated

14. Some people believe that breaking a mirror is a jinx.
A. bad luck
B. evil
C. expensive
D. good luck

15. The players were confused when the kibitzers suddenly butted- in during the team’s huddle.
A. advisers
B. spectators
C. onlookers
D. crowd

16. The lanky lad stood out among the average-sized students.
A. fierce-looking
B. gigantic
C. short and stout
D. tall and thin

17. The sickly dog was given a lethal dose of morphine tablets.
A. fatal
B. safe
C. deadly
D. nasty

18. Heinous criminals are truly loathsome.
A. repugnant
B. foul
C. adorable
D. nasty

19. We listened attentively to the mellifluous sound produced by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.
A. harsh
B. resonant
C. melodious
D. mellow

20. The free medical and dental checkup conducted by the AFP Group is just proof of their munificence.
A. commitment
B. generosity
C. extravagance
D. stinginess

21. Justice calls for penalizing nefarious acts.
A. honorable
B. detestable
C. infamous
D. vile

22. The MSA Reviewer Books are noteworthy materials.
A. remarkable
B. substantial
C. trivial
D. significant

23. You will never get sufficient nourishment if you are obdurate in refusing to eat vegetables.
A. stubborn
B. obedient
C. firm
D. willful

24. Don’t be so obtrusive but instead, mind your own business.
A. reserved
B. snoopy
C. nosey
D. interfering

25. I admire people who are modest despite their opulence.
A. great wealth
B. poverty
C. affluence
D. lavishness

26. Do you always try to be a paragon of virtue?
A. model
B. example
C. yardstick
D. anomaly

27. tragic stories had so much pathos that they left me feeling down.
A. anguish
B. woe
C. intrigue
D. humor

28. Chin is such a precocious girl who can already read at age three.
A. slow learner
B. bright
C. inquisitive
D. advanced

29. She had the quixotic idea that she was a reincarnation of a British princess.
A. wild
B. fantastic
C. realistic
D. dreamy

30. The ramshackle building collapsed easily.
A. new
B. old
C. outdated
D. shabby

31. An A-rating represents the ultimate honor a film will ever have.
A. greatest
B. pinnacle
C. least
D. supreme

32. CJ de Silva’s painting abilities are uncanny.
A. remarkable
B. ordinary
C. astonishing
D. unbelievable

33. Lea Salonga’s performance was utterly delightful.
A. somewhat
B. entirely
C. thoroughly
D. absolutely

34. The strong current of the floodwaters caused the wooden bridges to vacillate.
A. collapse
B. sway
C. vibrate
D. be firm

35. The vindictive politician spread rumors about his opponent.
A. revengeful
B. forgiving
C. spiteful
D. malicious

36. If words were swords, then her vitriolic remarks could really kill.
A. scathing
B. sarcastic
C. satirical
D. kind

37. Many students vouch for the effectiveness of the MSA Review classes.
A. guarantee
B. endorse
C. affirm
D. refute

38. That yonder youth is more studious than the nearer one.
A. lonesome
B. farther
C. closer
D. thither

39. MSA tutors are all zealous tutors who nourish eager minds.
A. vigorous
B. earnest
C. indifferent
D. enthusiastic

40. Don’t let trivial things upset you.
A. important
B. trifling
C. ordinary
D. inconsequential

Answer key

1. B9. D17. B25. B33. A
2. A10. D18. C26. D34. D
3. C11. B19. A27. D35. B
4. C12. A20. D28. A36. D
5. C13. C21. A29. C37. D
6. A14. D22. C30. A38. C
7. C15. A23. B31. C39. C
8. A16. C24. A32. B40. A

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