[20 Test Answers] CSE Reviewer on Alphabetizing

A CSE review questions on how to arrange names in alphabetical order.

An alphabetizing exam is a test that measures your ability to alphabetize words, names, and phrases accurately and efficiently. This is a fundamental skill required for many clerical and administrative positions, as well as for tasks such as organizing files, books, and directories.

You will be given a list of words, names, or phrases that are not in alphabetical order, and you will need to rearrange them in alphabetical order. The list may include simple words or complex phrases, and you may need to ignore prefixes, such as “a” or “the,” when alphabetizing.

CSE Alphabetizing reviewer for Clerical Operations

Directions: Arrange each group of items in alphabetical order.

Question 1.
A. Commission on The Filipino Language
B. Commission on Human Rights
C. Commission on Higher Education
D. Commission on Population

A. A-B-C-D
B. C-B-D-A✅
C. B-C-D-A
D. A-C-B-D

Question 2.
A. Cooperative Development Authority
B. Cottage Industry Development Enterprise
C. Cottage Industry Technology Center
D. Council for the Welfare of Children

A. A-B-C-D✅
B. A-C-B-D
C. B-C-A-D
D. C-B-A-D

Question 3.
A. Food and Nutrition Research Institute
B. Fiber Industry Development Authority
C. Foreign Service Institute
D. Family Planning Organization of the Philippines

A. A-B-C-D
B. B-A-C-D
C. D-B-C-A
D. D-B-A-C✅

Question 4.
A. Insurance Commission
B. Industrial Technology Development Institute
C. Institute of Labor and Manpower Studies
D. Instructional Materials Corporation

A. B-D-C-A
B. B-A-C-D
C. B-C-D-A✅
D. B-A-D-C

Question 5.
A. Presidential Commission on Good Government
B. Presidential Commission to Fight Poverty
C. Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor
D. Presidential Commission on Human Rights

A. C-B-A-D
B. C-D-A-B
C. C-A-B-D
D. C-A-D-B✅

Question 6.
A. AA Industrial Chemical Supply
B. AB Capital and Investment Corporation
C. A Soriano Aviation Incorporated
D. A-1 Driving Company Incorporated

A. D-C-A-B✅
B. D-C-B-A
C. A-B-C-D
D. C-A-B-D

Question 7.
A. Ayala Plans Inc.
B. Ayala Health Care Inc.
C. Ayala Land inc.
D. Ayala Life Insurance Inc.

A. B-C-D-A✅
B. A-B-C-D
C. D-C-B-A
D. B-A-C-D

Question 8.
A. Filspin Incorporated
B. Filway Marketing Inc.
C. Filsov Shipping Company
D. Fina Products Inc.
A. A-C-D-B
B. C-A-B-D✅
C. B-C-A-D
D. B-A-C-D

Question 9.
A. John Shannon Montessori
B. John Paul Hospital
C. John Robert Powers
D. John Nelson and Associates
A. D-A-C-B
B. D-B-C-A✅
C. D-C-B-A
D. D-A-B-C

Question 10.
A. Sports Zone Restaurant
B. Sports Resources Inc.
C. Sports Values Inc.
D. Sports House and General Merchandise

A. A-B-C-D
B. B-C-D-A
C. C-B-D-A
D. D-B-C-A✅

Question 11.
A. Abad, Josephine
B. Abad, Jason
C. Abad, Joseph
D. Abad, Jane
A. D-B-C-A✅
B. D-B-A-C
C. B-D-C-A
D. B-C-D-A

Question 12.
A. St. Stephen’s School
B. St. Stephen’s University
C. St. Scholastica’s Academy
D. St. Scholastica’s College
A. A-B-C-D
B. C-D-B-A
C. C-D-A-B✅
D. D-C-A-B

Question 13.
A. Santos, Anita
B. Santos, Ana
C. Santos, Antonio
D. Santos, Anthony
A. C-D-B-A
B. D-C-B-A
C. B-A-D-C✅
D. B-A-C-D

Question 14.
A. Philippine Daily Inquirer
B. Philippine Star
C. Philippine Herald
D. Philippine Tribune
A. A-B-C-D
B. A-C-B-D✅
C. A-D-C-B
D. A-C-D-B

Question 15.
A. Luna, Antonio
B. Luna, Juan
C. Luna, Olive
D. Luna, Oliver
A. A-B-C-D✅
B. A-B-D-C
C. A-C-B-D
D. A-D-C-B

Question 16.
A. Felimon, Jason
B. Felipe, Julian
C. Felimon, Jamie
D. Felipe, Julia
A. C-A-D-B✅
B. A-C-B-D
C. C-A-B-D
D. A-C-D-B

Question 17.
A. UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries
B. UP Institute for Science and Math Education
C. UP Institute of Biology
D. UP Institute of Chemistry
A. A-B-C-D
B. B-A-C-D
C. C-D-A-B
D. C-D-B-A✅

Question 18.
A. Bureau of Post
B. Bureau of Internal Revenue
C. Bureau of Mines
D. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
A. D-B-C-A✅
B. D-A-B-C
C. D-C-B-A
D. D-B-A-C

Question 19.
A. Rancho, Elian
B. Rallon, Michel
C. Ramirez, Sean
D. Rancho, Elaine
A. B-C-A-D
B. B-D-A-C
C. B-C-D-A✅
D. B-A-C-D

Question 20.
A. Quesada, Arianne
B. Quisumbing, Armie
C. Quintin, Adela
D. Quezon, Aurora
A. A-B-C-D
B. A-D-C-B✅
C. A-C-B-D
D. A-B-D-C

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