[35 Test Answers] Part-2: Math Civil Service Exam Reviewer

Here is Part 2 of our Civil Service Exam (CSE) Math Reviewer for both Professional and Sub-Professional levels.

This is Part 2 of our CSE Math reviewer. Topics included in this review material are basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics. It’s important to note that the exact coverage may vary depending on the level for which you are applying.

This is still part of our continuing efforts to provide quality reviewers not only to students but also to aspiring civil servants.

CSE Mathematics reviewer

Directions: This is a test of your ability to think out solutions to quantitative problems in mathematics. Analyze and solve each problem carefully before choosing your answer. Do not rush, but also be mindful of the time.

Question 1. The length of a rectangle is 8 meters more than twice its width. The perimeter is 112 meters. Find its area.
A. 16 m2
B. 24 m2
C. 28 m2
D. 640 m2

Question 2. Paula is twice as old as Queenie. Seven years ago the sum of their ages was 16. How old is Queenie now?
A. 8
B. 10✅
C. 16
D. 20

Question 3. For what value of x will x be the average of 2, 4x, 6, 8, 10?
a. 4
b. 12
c. 26✅
d. 39

Question 4. How many integers between 197 and 303 are divisible by 4 or 10?
A. 25
B. 26✅
C. 31
D. 37

Question 5. A patient must take his medication every 7 hours starting at 7:00 AM Sunday. On what day will the patient first receive his medication at 8:00 AM?
A. Sunday
B. Wednesday
C. Thursday
D. Tuesday✅

Question 6. Of the 300 grocery shoppers surveyed, 96 did not have a regular day of the week on which they shop. What percentage of the shoppers did not have a regular day of shopping?
A. 32%✅
B. 48%
C. 64%
D. 96%

Question 7. A water container has 100 ml of water in it and is 20% full. How many ml of water can this container hold if it’s full?
A. 200 ml
B. 400 ml
C. 500 ml✅
D. 800 ml

Question 8. How many containers, each occupying an area of 2 1/8 square meters, can be stored in a 952 square meter warehouse?
A. 358
B. 448✅
C. 530
D. 630

Question 9. The starting salary of a secretary of ABC Company is 15,000 a month. Next year, the starting salary will be raised to 18,000. What is the rate of increase in the starting salary?
A. 3%
B. 20%✅
C. 25%
D. 30%

Question 10. The cost of a square meter commercial lot in a certain municipality five years ago was 12,500. There was a 420% increase in the price in the last five years. What is the current price per square meter of the lot today?
A. 17,500
B. 52,500
C. 19,000✅
D. 65,000

Question 11. Last month a store manager decided to decrease the prices of all items by 10%. This month, he increased the prices by 10%. What would be the price for a pair of pants that cost 750 before prices were decreased last month?
A. 742.50✅
B. 750.00
C. 675.00
D. 825.00

Question 12. When the original price of an item is increased by a certain rate, the increased price is 3,100. When the original price is decreased by the same rate, the decreased price is 1,900. What is the original price of this item?
A. 1,200
B. 200
C. 2,500✅
D. 2,800

Question 13. How much must one have to invest in corporate bonds paying 9.6% in order to earn an income of 12,000 per month?
A. 11,520
B. 23,040
C. 125,000✅
D. 250,000

Question 14. How much must be cut from the edge of a piece of glass with a width of 16 1/8 cm for it to fit into an opening 14 3/4 cm wide?
A. 2 3/8 cm
B. 1 7/8 cm
C. 1 3/8 cm✅
D. 2 5/8 cm

Question 15. A race car traveled for 2.5 hours with an average speed of 132 5/8 km per hour. Find the total distance it covered.
A. 265 5/16 km
B. 331 9/16 km✅
C. 330 5/16 km
D. 135 1/8 km

Question 16. If the weight of a 241 kg freight car increases 3 1/8 times when fully loaded, what will be its weight with a full load?
A. 750 3/8 kg
B. 824 3/8 kg
C. 720 5/8 kg
D. 753 1/8 kg✅

Question 17. How many liters will remain in a 1000-liter storage tank if 8.2% of the liquid has evaporated due to excessive heat?
A. 918✅
B. 991.8
C. 999.18
D. 998

Question 18. Dante recently sold some stocks for which he originally bought for 358. If it has increased in value by 116%, how much did he receive for the stock?
A. 678.28
B. 772.00
C. 773.28✅
D. 778.00

Question 19. Mr. Manny Vargas sold a building for 175 million. How much did he receive for a commission of 5.5%?
A. 9.5 M
B. 9.7 M
C. 9.625 M✅
D. 180 M

Question 20. If 560 out of 700 passed the recent Civil Service Exam (CSE), what percent of the examinees passed?
A. 65%
B. 72%
C. 80%✅
D. 140%

Question 21. Mr. Cruz borrows 750,000 from a bank and is charged 9,000 interest. What rate of interest did the bank charge for the loan?
A. 8%
B. 9%
C. 10%
D. 12%✅

Question 22. A store sells shirts for 1,078 each or 3 for 2,997. How much would one save by buying 3 shirts at a time instead of 3 shirts, one at a time?
A. 237✅
B. 921
C. 1,237
D. 1,921

Question 23. A computer can be rented for 1,745 a week or 347.50 a day. You need it only for 6 days. Which rate (daily or weekly) would it be cheaper to rent and by how much cheaper?
A. weekly; 340✅
B. daily; 240
C. daily 340
D. weekly 240

Question 24. A 1.25 kg box of Brand A detergent sells for 87.50. A 1.5 kg box of Brand B detergent sells for 103.20. What is the difference in the price per kg?
A. 1.20✅
B. 1.50
C. 1.80
D. 2.00

Question 25. A 30 cm long plastic pipe costs 249. At this rate, what is the price of the pipe per meter?
A. 830✅
B. 840
C. 747
D. 749

Question 26. A homeowner can rent a chainsaw from a rental agency for 2,700 a day. The brand-new of the same saw can be bought for 18,900. For how many days could the homeowner rent the saw before renting would cost more than buying?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7✅
D. 8

Question 27. Paula uses ten 100-watt bulbs in her house. She uses these bulbs for an average of 5 hours each day. How many KWH do these bulbs use each day?
A. 5✅
B. 10
C. 50
D. 5,000

Question 28. An electric range uses 12,200 watts per hour and is run for an average of 60 hours a year. How many kilowatt-hours is this?
A. 73.2
B. 732✅
C. 7,320
D. 7.32

Question 29. A video cassette movie, purchased for 440 was marked up 25% on the selling price. Later, as retail prices fell, this movie was marked down 20% on the current sale price. Find its new sale price.
A. 352
B. 440✅
C. 500
D. 550

Question 30. Company A bought these office supplies last week: 1,320 pens @ 0.125; 1,480 packs of paper clips @ 0.625; 1,240 boxes of tape @ 0.875; 1,720 boxes of cards @ 0.80. A 5% sales tax is added. What was the company’s total bill?
A. 173.25
B. 3,551
C. 971.25
D. 3,728.55✅

Question 31. The question “How many flowers are needed to border a rectangular garden?” involves:
A. weight
B. perimeter✅
C. volume
D. area

Question 32. How many meters of fencing is needed to enclose an 84-meter by 48-meter rectangular garden?
A. 132 m
B. 244 m
C. 264 m✅
D. 4,032 m

Question 33. How many 1-cm square stickers are needed to cover a photo box with 4cm long, 3cm wide, and 5cm high?
A. 47
B. 60
C. 88
D. 94✅

Question 34. One side of a triangle is 3 cm longer than the shortest side and the other side is 4 cm longer than the shortest side. How long is the shortest side if the perimeter is 67 cm?
A. 20 cm✅
B. 23 cm
C. 24 cm
D. 27 cm

Question 35. The length of a rectangle is 2 cm less than twice its width. What is its width in cm if the perimeter is 50 cm?
A. 8
B. 9✅
C. 16
D. 25

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