[20 Test Answers] CSE Reviewer on Data Sufficiency

This CSE reviewer on Data Sufficiency will test your analytical ability and critical thinking skills.

Directions: Each problem consists of a question and two statements labeled (1) and (2), in which certain data are given. Decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the questions. You have four choices:

  • A. If statement (1) alone is sufficient, but statement (2) alone is not sufficient.
  • B. If statement (2) alone is sufficient, but statement (1) alone is not sufficient.
  • C. If both statements together are sufficient, but neither statement alone is sufficient.
  • D. If each statement alone is sufficient.
  • E. If statements (1) and (2) together are not sufficient.

Data Sufficiency CSE reviewer

Question 1. By what percent was the price per kilo of chicken increased?
(1) The price per kilo of chicken was increased by 20.
(2) The price per kilo of chicken after the increase was 120.

Question 2. A real estate broker received a commission of 8% of the selling price of a certain property, what was the selling price of the property?
(1) The selling price minus the real estate agent’s commission was 9,200,000.
(2) The selling price was 250% of the original purchase price of 4,000,000.

Question 3. Chin and Queenie were among those who sold raffle tickets to raise money for the club. If Chin and Queenie sold a total of 168 tickets, how many tickets did Chin sell?
(1) Queenie sold 60% as many raffle tickets as Chin.
(2) Queenie sold 8% of all the raffle tickets sold.

Question 4. What is the ratio of m:s:a?
(1) a = 2, and ms = 64
(2) m/s = 2 and a/s = 1/4

Question 5. If x and y are integers, is x divisible by 17?
(1) The product xy is divisible by 17.
(2) y is not divisible y 17.

Question 6. On Saturday morning, the TP printing machine ran continuously at a uniform rate to fill a production order. At what time did it completely fill the order that morning?
(1) The supervisor began the plan for production at 8:08 am.
(2) The machine had filled 50% of the order at 9:48 am and 5/6 of the order by 10:18 am.

Question 7. How many books does Gerard have?
(1) If Gerard had 18 fewer books, he would have only half as many as he actually has.
(2) Gerard has three times as many fictions as non-fiction books.

Question 8. What number is 24% of x?
(1) 16 is 8% of x
(2) 1/8 of x is 1,600.

Question 9. What was the total amount raised for Typhoon Odette from private corporations and personal donations?
(1) Of the amount donated, 48% came from private corporations.
(2) Of the amount donated, 15M came from personal donations.

Question 10. Miriam’s total score in the three bowling games was 530. What were her scores?
(1) Miriam’s highest score was 198.
(2) The sum of Miriam’s two highest scores was 368.

Question 11. Is the value of n closer to 48 than to 78?
(1) 78-n>n-48
(2) n>60

Question 12. In last Saturday’s sale, a certain shop sold 75% of the shirts in its inventory. Each shirt was sold for 358. What was the total revenue from the sale of these shirts on that day?
(1) When the shop opened last Saturday, there were 448 shirts in its inventory.
(2) All but 112 of the shop’s inventory were sold last Saturday.

Question 13. How many more boys than girls are there in the room?
(1) There is a total of 56 girls and boys in the room.
(2) The number of boys in the room equals the square of the number of girls in the room.

Question 14. In what year was Gerard born?
(1) Gerard’s friend Mary, who is 1/2 years younger than him, was born in 1979.
(2) In 1998 Gerard turned 20 years old.

Question 15. A box contains 48 balls, of which 30 are red and 18 are blue. If 16 of the balls are removed, how many of the balls left in the box are blue?
(1) Of the balls removed, the ratio of the number of red ones to the number of blue ones is 5:3.
(2) Of the first 8 marbles removed, 5 are red.

Question 16. How long did it take Mrs. Alferez to drive non-stop on a trip from her home to Ayala Alabang?
(1) If Mrs. Alferez’s average speed for the trip had been 1.5 times as fast, the trip would have taken 2 hours.
(2) Mrs. Alferez’s average speed for the trip was 80 km per hour.

Question 17. If Myrna had a dentist’s appointment on a certain day, was the appointment on a Friday?
(1) Exactly 64 hours before the appointment, it was Wednesday.
(2) The appointment is between 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Question 18. What was the average number of kilometers per liter of gasoline a car can consume during a trip?
(1) The total cost of the gasoline used by the car or the 640 km trip was 1,152.
(2) The cost of the gasoline used by the car for the trip was 18.00 per liter.

Question 19. What is the ratio of a to b?
(1) a is 8 more than twice b.
(2) The ratio of a to 4b is 3:7.

Question 20. 400 students are enrolled in the Review Program or Academic Program or both. If 100 of these students are not enrolled in the Review Program, how many of them are enrolled in the Review Program, how many of them are enrolled in both the Review Program and the Academic Program?
(1) Of the 400 students, 160 are not enrolled in the Academic Program.
(2) A total of 240 of the students are enrolled in the Academic Program.

Answer key

1. C11. A
2. D12. D
3. A13. C
4. B14. B
5. C15. A
6. B16. A
7. A17. C
8. D18. C
9. C19. B
10. C20. D

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