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When a reader alerts us to a potential issue with our content, such as incomplete, inaccurate, outdated, unclear, or contradictory information, we take immediate action. We will research the feedback, determine the opportunities for improvement, and republish the content with the necessary revisions.

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No comments

Yes, comments can make a website interactive. In fact, it can potentially give people a reason to come back.

But it can also devolve into a place to air a grievance and become just one more thing to moderate. Not to mention that only a tiny portion of it will be essential and helpful to you—our readers.

No social media

We don’t have a Twitter account, no FB group, etc. It turns out that this is allowed.

This is difficult because some opportunities and friends are made through social media. But we decided to not go with the majority and would highly recommend it to everyone.

It’s just that, no matter how hard you’ll try to curate your feed, it’s impossible not to see angry mobs and brigades.

No email newsletter

We don’t want to harass readers more often. If an email newsletter works for others, great. But our time is limited. We can’t spend thousands to chase dimes.