[COMPLETE] 2024 BFP Fire Officers Salary & Benefits

Consider becoming a professional firefighter? Here's how much fire officers earn in the Philippines.

 — In the Philippines, the Bureau of Fire Protection, or BFP is the lead agency for public fire protection, fire education, fire research, and fire service training. It’s one of the tri-bureaus within the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

On January 1, 2018, former President Rodrigo Duterte signed Joint Resolution No. 1 which allowed the increase in base pay of the Fire Officers in the Philippines[1].

Fire officers salary in the Philippines

The salary increase of firefighters in the Philippines is shown in the following salary grade table:

RankSalary 2023
Fire Officer 1₱29,668
Fire Officer 2₱30,867
Fire Officer 3₱32,114
Senior Fire Officer 1₱33,411
Senior Fire Officer 2₱34,079
Senior Fire Officer 3₱34,761
Senior Fire Officer 4₱38,366
Fire Inspector₱49,528
Fire Senior Inspector₱56,582
Fire Chief Inspector₱62,555
Fire Superintendent₱71,313
Fire Senior Superintendent₱80,583
Fire Chief Superintendent₱91,058
Fire Director₱102,896
BFP Firefighters’ base pay this year.

Longevity pay

BFP Fire Officers also get longevity pay every five (5) years of service. The amount is computed as ten percent (10%) of their base salary and should not exceed 50% of their basic pay.

A break in service as a result of leave without pay will delay the payment for longevity by the months represented by the non-pay status.

Living Quarters allowance

Our firefighters are also entitled to living quarters privileges within their office premises.

If fire officers need to be transferred from one station to another—due to reshuffling or rotation—then they are eligible to get a living quarters allowance. The following table shows the breakdown of their living quarters allowance:

RankAmount per Month
Fire Officer 1₱400
Fire Officer 2₱400
Fire Officer 3₱450
Senior Fire Officer 1₱450
Senior Fire Officer 2₱450
Senior Fire Officer 3₱500
Senior Fire Officer 4₱500
Fire Inspector₱600
Fire Senior Inspector₱650
Fire Chief Inspector₱700
Fire Superintendent₱800
Fire Senior Superintendent₱900
Fire Chief Superintendent₱1,050
Fire Director₱1,200
Fire Officers are eligible for living quarters allowance in case of reshuffling or rotation

Hazard pay

Firefighters in the Philippines also get hazard pay which is a salary differential that compensates them for exposure to dangers or hazards in the course of their duties. All fire officers get a hazard pay of ₱540 per month.

Clothing allowance

BFP’s firefighters get a clothing allowance of ₱14,000 every 3 years. That’s considered reasonably approximate for the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and laundering required uniforms.

Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA)

BFP Fire Officers also get PERA which is ₱2,000 per month. This is a form of financial assistance to combat inflation and continuing higher prices[2].

Subsistence Allowance

Firefighters in the BFP also get a subsistence allowance of ₱4,500 per month. This is because they have to make their services available even during mealtime.

Final thoughts

Fire officers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our communities. They often put their own lives at risk to protect others. That’s why good pay is important for them as it helps attract and retain qualified and experienced individuals for the job.


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