[20 Test Answers] GED Math Reviewer pt. 2

Here is Part-2 of our free GED Reviewer for Mathematics. Get a sense of what's coming with these 20 questions.

Topics included in this portion of the exam are quantitative and algebraic problem-solving, geometry, data analysis, and data sense. The goal is to measure your mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Get a sense of the test questions by answering the quiz below. In the actual, the test may include multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and fill-in-the-blank questions. This is Part-2 of our free GED reviewer for Mathematics.

GED Math reviewer

Direction: Solve each problem and select the best answer. You may use your calculator and use the Mathematics Formula Sheet as needed.

Question 1. In a ballet class, 80% of the ballet students are girls and 20% are boys. The average age of the girls is 30 and the average age of boys is 40. What is the average age of all ballet students?
A. 40
B. 36
C. 30
D. 32✅

Question 2. The can of soda has a height of 6 inches and a lid diameter of 3 inches. Calculate the surface area of this soda can.
A. \(70.65~ \text{in}^2\)✅
B. \(169.56~ \text{in}^2\)
C. \(14.13~ \text{in}^2\)
D. \(56.52~ \text{in}^2\)

In the high school volleyball team, each player has been weighed, the data are shown below in the box-and-whisker plot.

Volleyball players’ weights in lbs.

Question 3. Based on the box-and-whisker plot which of the statement is correct?
A. The median player weighs 245 lbs.
B. The heaviest player weighs 300 lbs.
C. The lightest player weighs 200 lbs.
D. One-fourth of the players weigh less than 200 lbs.

Question 4. Which of the following equations represents\(y\) in terms of \(x\) for all ordered pairs listed?


A. \(y = x + 5\)
B. \(y = 4x ÷ 3\)
C. \(y = 2x + 3\)✅
D. \(y = 3x^2\)

Question 5. On the soccer field, each time they play a game there is a 90% chance that the Red Bull soccer team will score the first goal. What is the probability of the Red Bull soccer team scoring the first goal in 4 straight games?
A. 0.45
B. 0.656✅
C. 0.81
D. 0.729

Question 6. Compute the value of x in the right triangle as shown below.

A. 65✅
B. 66
C. 89
D. 56

Question 7. Albert lives halfway between Chicago and Hoopertown. Samantha lives halfway between Albert and Chicago. Lucas lives between Albert and Hoopertown. All three houses lie in a straight line from Chicago to Hoopertown. If Lucas lives 15 miles from Samantha and 23 miles from Chicago, how far does he live from Hoopertown?
A. 12 miles
B. 9 miles✅
C. 7 miles
D. 5 miles

Question 8. Joey browses an online shop and wants to buy as many bags of fertilizer as possible for his backyard garden with his 305$, he wanted them to be delivered to his house, and each bag of fertilizer costs 7.50$ and with a delivery charge of 35.75$. How many bags of fertilizer can Joey buy if the fertilizer is sold in full bags?
A. 45
B. 36
C. 46
D. 35✅

Question 9. What is the slope of the line passing through the points (0, 5) and (7, 0) in the given coordinate plane?

A. \(\frac{5}{7}\)
B. \(\frac{7}{6}\)
C. \(-\frac{5}{7}\)✅
D. \(-\frac{7}{5}\)

Question 10. Which of the following expressions must be positive if \(\mathbf{x}\) is a small negative integer and \(\mathbr{y}\) is a large positive integer?
A. \(y − x\)✅
B. \(y ÷ x\)
C. \(x * y\)
D. \(x ÷ y\)

Question 11. What is the distance between these two points if the two points are plotted on a number line -11.2 and 3.3?
A. -7.9
B. 14.5✅
C. 7.9
D. -14.5

Question 12. What is the product of 65 x 8.8?
A. 5.72
B. 57.2
C. 657
D. 572✅

Question 13. Which of the following expressions in the set of real numbers is undefined?
A. \(\sqrt{0}\)
B. \(\sqrt{-9}\)✅
C. \(\sqrt{16}\)
D. \(\sqrt{5.29}\)

Question 14. To make this fraction undefined, find the value of \(\mathbf{x}\) in the given equation below.


A. -5✅
B. 5
C. 0
D. -12

Question 15. Find the greatest common factor of 56 and 66.
A. 14
B. 4
C. 6
D. 2✅

Question 16. Find the quotient of 20.65 ÷ 5.
A. 41.3
B. 413
C. 4.13✅
D. 4.12

Question 17. What is the distance between the two points shown on the number line?

A. \(5\frac{1}{2}\)
B. \(6\frac{1}{2}\)✅
C. \(\frac{1}{2}\)
D. \(-5\frac{1}{2}\)

Question 18. Find the greatest common factor of 23, 45, and 60.
A. 3
B. 9
C. 1✅
D. 4

Question 19. What is \(\mathbf{\sqrt[\leftroot{10}3]{-8}}\) =?
A. 4
B. -2✅
C. undefined
D. -4

Question 20. Find the quotient of 15.18 ÷ 3.3.
A. 4.6✅
B. 0.46
C. 46
D. 46.06

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