[11 Test Answers] GED Reviewer: Advanced Mathematics, pt. 1

Here is Part 1 of our free GED Advanced Math Reviewer. Get a sense of what's coming with these questions.

Topics included in this portion of the exam are quantitative and algebraic problem-solving, geometry, data analysis, and data sense. The goal is to measure your mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Advanced Math GED Reviewer

Direction: Solve each problem and select the best answer. You may use your calculator and use the Mathematics Formula Sheet as needed.

Question 1. A local café donates $0.25 to a children’s hospital for every muffin sold, in addition to a base donation of $500. Let \(\mathbf{m}\) represent the number of muffins sold. If the cafe sells more than 2000 muffins, which of the following expressions could be used to find the total donation?
A. $500 + 0.25m
B. $500 + 0.25(m-2000)
C. $500 + 0.5(m-2000)
D. $500 + 0.5m✅

Question 2. A restaurant offers a customizable salad with five toppings: one of six types of lettuce, one of four types of protein, one of three types of cheese, one of five types of vegetables, and one of six types of dressing. How many different salad combinations can be created?
A. 2,160
B. 2,430
C. 3,240
D. 4,320✅

Question 3. Mark is organizing a company retreat and has a budget of $6,000. He needs to allocate the funds to cover the cost of lodging and activities for 80 employees. The lodging cost per employee is $50 per night, and the activity cost per employee is $25 per day. Which inequality shows how to find the maximum amount, \(\mathbf{x}\), Mark can spend on food per employee per day?
A. x ≤ (6000 – 80(50) – 80(25)) / (802)
B. x ≤ (6000 – 80(50) – 80(25)) / 80✅
C. x ≤ (6000 – 80(50)) / (802)
D. x ≤ (6000 – 80(25)) / (80*2)

Question 4. Find the solution to the equations \(\mathbf{y=3x–15}\) and \(\mathbf{x+y=13}\).
A. $265✅
B. $315
C. $515

Question 5. A car rental company charges a flat fee of $50 plus $0.25 per mile driven. If a customer rents a car and drives 200 miles, which of the following functions can be used to determine the total cost, \(\mathbf{C}\), of the rental?
A. C = $50 + 0.25m
B. C = $50 + 0.5m
C. C = $100 + 0.25m✅
D. C = $100 + 0.5m

Question 6. What is the value of \(\mathbf{36x—8y^2}\) when \(\mathbf{x=3}\) and \(\mathbf{y =-6}\)?
A. -180✅
B. -390
C. 1390
D. 1180

Question 7. Which of the following represents the point of intersection between the lines given by the equations \(\mathbf{y=2x+1}\) and \(\mathbf{y=-0.5x+3}\)?
A. (2, 5)
B. (-2, 1)
C. (1, 3)✅
D. (-1, 2)

Question 8. Which of the following is an equation of a line that is parallel to the line \(\mathbf{y=2x+1}\)?
A. \(y=2x+3\)
B. \(y=-2x-1\)
C. \(y=-1/2x+4\)
D. \(y=1/2x-2\)✅

Question 9. A restaurant bill comes to $87.50. If the sales tax rate is 8.5%, which of the following represents the total cost of the bill, including tax?
A. $94.30
B. $95.00
C. $95.05✅
D. $95.50

Question 10. A soccer team has 20 players, and the coach needs to select 5 players for the starting lineup. How many different starting lineups can the coach select from the team?
A. 1,550
B. 15,504✅
C. 200
D. 110

Question 11. The number of steps in the Washington Monument is 2 less than 6 times the number of steps in the Statue of Liberty. Which expression represents the number of steps in the Washington Monument in terms of \(\mathbf{s}\)?
A. \(6s+2\)✅
B. \(6s-2\)
C. \(s/6-2\)
D. \(2s-6\)

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