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Reading Plus Answers – Level F

Sumo Wrestling

Question 1: This selection is mainly about a sport that?
Answer: Remains basically unchanged since ancient times

Question 2: Sumo wrestlers do not show any emotion if they win or lose a match. Why?
Answer: It would be disrespectful to an opponent

Question 3: Read this part from the selection. Which of the following could best replace the word “isolated”?
Answer: Separated

Question 4: In Sumo wrestling, what is a “topknot?”
Answer: A sumo hairstyle that protects the head from injury

Question 5: Look at this image. What was the primary purpose of this substance during ancient Sumo wrestling matches?
Answer: To prove to the gods that a Sumo match would be a clean match with no cheating

Question 6: This selection is best described as?
Answer: Informational writing

Question 7: Which two of the following are rules that young Sumo wrestlers must follow?
Answer 1: Waking up early to do chores
Answer 2: Living respectfully and properly

Question 8: All these statements about Sumo wrestling are correct. Which one supports the claim that the sport has not changed since ancient times?
Answer: A sumo match begins with clapping hands, stomping feet, and salt thrown around the ring

Question 9: Read this part of the selection. If Japan had been part of mainland Asia rather than an island nation, which of the following most likely would have occurred?
Answer: A form of wrestling would have developed that was similar to other nations’ versions of the sport

Question 10: According to the selection, Japan developed a unique culture because?
Answer: It is made of islands that are separated from other countries by the sea

Question 11: Put these events in order from the life of Hakuho in the order in which they occurred, from first to last
Answer 1: He moved from Mongolia to Japan
Answer 2: He was rejected from most Sumo stables
Answer 3: He won his first tournament
Answer 4: He won the title of “Yokozuna”

Experiencing What You Eat

Question 1: This selection is mainly about how?
Answer: Eating mindfully can help people make healthier food choices.

Question 2: Please read this excerpt about Frederick Hecht’s study. Compared with the non-mindful group, which two of these outcomes did the mindfulness group show?
Answer 1: Lower blood sugar (glucose)
Answer 2: Greater weight loss

Question 3: Based on your answer to the previous question, Frederick Hecht’s study suggests that mindfulness exercises?
Answer: May help people maintain a healthy weight.

Question 4: Based on what you have read, the author of this selection wants readers to understand that.
Answer: Research supports the health benefits of paying attention to what you experience while eating.

Question 5: This selection describes Jean Kristeller’s study on mindfulness and eating disorders. Based on this excerpt, two key elements of this study are?
Answer 1: Learning to eat mindfully.
Answer 2: Doing mini-meditations before eating.

Question 6: Based on this text, which two of the following suggest that MB-EAT can be used to treat binge-eating disorder?
Answer 1: Participants showed improvements in the areas of self-esteem and depression.
Answer 2: Six months after starting the program, most participants no longer qualified as binge-eaters.

Question 7: Based on what you have read, the term “mindfulness” refers to?
Answer: Being aware of what is going on in the moment

Question 8: Frederick Hecht’s study found that participants who practiced mindfulness lowered their triglyceride levels. Based on what you have read, this may
Answer: Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Question 9: Please read this excerpt from the selection. Based on what you have read, Frankie Engelking has found that mindful eating can help students
Answer: Discover something new about foods they eat all the time.

Question 10: This excerpt describes two types of cholesterol. Based on this text, Hecht’s study showed that mindfulness patients improved their cholesterol levels by
Answer: Increasing HDL

Martha’s Food Blog

Question 1: What is the main idea in this selection?
Answer: Small ideas can influence people all over the world through the internet

Question 2: Why did Martha first start writing a blog?
Answer:  To get experience in writing like a journalist

Question 3: Read this excerpt from the selection. If Martha had written her school lunch reviews?
Answer:  She would not have enough readers to raise money for Mary’s meals.

Question 4: What evidence does the author give to show all of Martha’s experiences?
Answer: Some of her classmates were mean to her

Question 5: What is an educational benefit that resulted from the new school
Answer: More children attend school every day

Question 6: How did Martha feel when her school told her she could no longer
Answer: Disappointed

Question 7: Of the categories Martha developed to compare meals?
Answer: Health and Taste

Question 8: How does the author show the reader how popular?
Answer: By reporting the number of visits and donations

Question 9:  Place the following events in the correct order.
Answer 1: Martha launches a blog about her meals at school.
Answer 2: Martha’s father tweets a link to her site
Answer 3: Martha raises money for a school kitchen…
Answer 4: Martha goes to Africa…

Question 10: What does this excerpt tell you about the children of Lirangwe Primary School?
Answer: They do not have access to running water in their homes.

Question 11:  Which of the following was most likely a challenge for Martha in keeping up with her blog day after day?
Answer: Finding time in between her other activities to write

It’s All About Respect

Question 1: This story is mainly about?
Answer: The need for respectful treatment

Question 2: Which sentence supports the statement that Native Americans?
Answer: The word savages offends many Native Americans because they feel

Question 3: In this excerpt, what does the word principles?
Answer: Fundamental guides for action

Question 4: Which sentence summarizes Teters’s efforts against the use of?
Answer: She attracted other supporters who adopt her.

Question 5: Teters and Alexie are alike in that they both?
Answer: Used their creative talents to challenge

Question 6: In this excerpt, what does it mean that “Native Americans” had?
Answer: They had moved around the land as they

Question 7: According to the story, the feathers of this bird?
Answer: A tribal elder

Question 8: Which of the following did the supporters of keeping Chief Illnewek use?
Answer: He was a symbol of the University’s

Question 9: How did the filmmakers reinforce a stereotypical view?
Answer: By portraying them in demeaning roles

Question 10: What embarrassed Teters children at the?
Answer: The mascot who performed a fake

Love and Courage

Question 1: This selection is mainly about a woman who?
Answer: Demonstrated great courage in wartime

Question 2: At the end of the selection what surprised Belle enough for her to almost faint
Answer: She saw her husband who had returned safely.

Question 3: Choose the sentence in this excerpt that supports the author’s view that Belle had determination.
Answer: It seemed almost too much to endure, but i resolved to make the trial

Question 4: The disheartened Union army regiment was helped by which two following?
Answer: A pair of gunboats; Additional Troops

Question 5: What probably happened when the gunboats of the federal army arrived?
Answer: The gunboats started firing on rebel troops

Question 6: In describing a civil war hospital, you could say the?
Answer: Methods were primitive but surgeons did their best

Question 7: What is the most likely reason why Belle continued to make breakfast while the camp was under attack?
Answer: She wanted the men to eat before leaving for battle

Question 8: Place the following events in order.
Answer 1: Belle joins her husband on the front lines
Answer 2: Belle begins keeping a journal detailing army life
Answer 3: General Grant starts a campaign against the south
Answer 4: Belle boards a streamer headed to Pittsburgh

Question 9: In this except, what does the phrase “soon to be mustered out” indicate about the soldier?
Answer: The soldier was dying

Question 10: Based on this, which sentence describes the outcome of the battle of Shiloh?
Answer: Union troops at first retreated, but then turned around to win

The Hidden Ingredient

Question 1: This text is mainly about?
Answer: History of humans.

Question 2: Based on this text petroleum is sometimes called
Answer: Crude oil

Question 3: Decompensators like worms break down once living things
Answer: Speed up the process

Question 4: Which two details from the text explain why crude oil can be called natural and organic
Answer: It is made from once-living organisms

Question 5: This selection is an example of?
Answer: Informational text

Question 6:  Read this part of a text. In the first sentence, what species does the author mention?
Answer: Human beings

Question 7: These sentences are from the text. Which one best explains why humans had to stop using open flames for light at night?
Answer: Instead they burned fumes at power plants

Question 8: Humans take crude oil from the ground. The author explains that humans also speed up the return of crude oil to Earth’s surfaces. What does the author most likely mean?
Answer: Accidental spills in the ocean

Question 9: How does this image of chewing gum relate to the text?
Answer: Some chewing gum includes an ingredient that comes from petroleum

Question 10: Petroleum is a fossil fuel. Read this part from the text and one from another source. Together these parts explained?
Answer: The negative effect of petroleum products on the environment

Ulysses’ Homeward Adventure

Question 1: This selection is mainly about Ulysses and?
Answer: his triumph over the Cyclops.

Question 2: What was the Cyclops’ biggest mistake?
Answer: The Cyclops was looking for someone who.

Question 3: Think about what you have read. What is one example of Ulysses using his wisdom?
Answer: Telling the Cyclops his ship had been destroyed on the rocks.

Question 4: Ulysses wondered if he should kill the sleeping giant with his sword. Why did Ulysses decide against this idea?
Answer: He and his crew would be trapped inside the cave by a giant rock that blocked the entrance.

Question 5: This story about Ulysses, his crew, and the Cyclops is called?
Answer: a legend.

Question 6: What kind of leader was Ulysses?
Answer: Brave, generous, and wise.

Question 7: In this sentence from the text, the word?
Answer: die.

Question 8: This island of the Cyclopes is between which two cities?
Answer: Troy, Ithaca.

Question 9: The author also refers to the Cyclops by which other names?
Answer: the giant; Polyphemus.

Question 10: Ulysses’ difficult journey home was the result of?
Answer: a punishment from the gods

Offerings From The Heart

Question 1: The selection is mainly about?
Answer: Two poor people whose love for each other makes them rich

Question 2: Which two things made Jim’s watch such a beloved object?
Answer: It had been passed down in his family
It always kept the perfect time

Question 3: Put the following events from the Christmas Eve gift exchange in the correct order, starting with the earliest.
Answer 1: Jim discovered that Della had cut her hair.
Answer 2: Della was sad that she could not use the combs from Jim.
Answer 3: Della presented Jim with the Watch chain as a gift.
Answer 4: Jim told Della he sold his watch to buy her combs

Question 4: In this selection, the author compares Della and Jim, a very poor couple, with the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, a very rich couple why?
Answer: The author wants to show that, in some ways, Della and Jim are just as rich, but in other ways.

Question 5: The author breaks some formal grammar rules, using incomplete sentences and starting other sentences with ¨but,¨ ¨and,¨ and¨ or.¨ How does this affect the selection?
Answer: It sounds more like speech, making the story feel as if it is being spoken by a person.

Question 6: From what you have read, you can tell that Della and Jim lived in
Answer: A modest apartment.

Question 7: Choose the sentence in this excerpt in which Della shows how sad she feels about cutting her hair.
Answer: Once, she hesitated for a minute, and stood still while a tear or two splashed on the worn red carpet.

Question 8: From what you have read, why did Della’s Joy turn to sadness when she opened her gift?
Answer: She could no longer use the combs she had long wanted.

Question 9: Della thinks Madame Sophie will buy Dalla’s hair most likely because?
Answer: Madam could use the hair to make wigs to sell in her shop.

Question 10: What is Matt when the author states that Madame lifted della silky hair with a practiced hand?
Answer: Madam has cut people’s hair many times before.

Slow Down For Food

Question 1: This selection is mainly about how?
Answer: eating mindfully can help people make healthier food choices.

Question 2: Read this excerpt about a weight-loss study. Compared with the non-mindful group, the mindfulness group showed which two outcomes?
Answer 1: lower risk of diabetes;
Answer 2: greater weight loss.

Question 3: The previous question asked about a weight-loss study. Based on your answer to that question, this study suggests that mindfulness exercises?
Answer: may help people maintain a healthy weight.

Question 4: Based on this text, the term “mindfulness” refers mainly to?
Answer: being fully aware of experiences in the present moment.

Question 5: Read this excerpt. The author’s tone in this excerpt can best be described as?
Answer: informative.

Question 6: One study in this selection showed that students who spent 15 minutes doing a mindfulness exercise ate 25 percent fewer calories. This gives you the idea that?
Answer: mindful eating can help people avoid overeating.

Question 7: Read these two excerpts. Which idea do both parts support?
Answer: Mindless eating may result in people consuming more food than they need.

Question 8: The author most likely wrote?
Answer: teach the reader about the potential health

Question 9: Based on this excerpt from the selection?
Answer: discover something new about foods they eat all the time.

Question 10: Which two outcomes do the studies in this selection most strongly support?
Answer: better health; weight loss.

Be an Electrician – Part 1

Question 1: This selection is mainly about?
Answer: how to prepare for a career as an electrician.

Question 2: Based on this selection, Michael likes his job as a line repairer for which two reasons?
Answer 1: He gets to work outside.
Answer 2: He is helping many people at once.

Question 3: An apprenticeship would be helpful to future electricians because they can?
Answer: learn from a mentor who has experience on the job.

Question 4: Read this excerpt from the selection. Which sentence best summarizes this part?
Answer: Transformers are an important part of delivering electricity to homes and businesses.

Question 5: The word “fundamentals” in this sentence could be replaced with the word?
Answer: basics.

Questions 6: in order:
Answer 1: climbs into the bucket of the service truck
Answer 2: is lifted by a crane to the electrical equipment on the pole
Answer 3: drills new holes in the pole and attaches a new transformer
Answer 4: removes the dead transformer and is lowered down

Question 7: It is important for Michael’s clothing to have the correct arc rating because
Answer: This will protect him from being injured in an electrical accident.

Question 8: The author explains that students in trade and vocational schools “do more than read books and take tests.” Which sentence from the text shows the biggest difference?
Answer: There is a great deal of hands-on training.

Question 9: Read these two excerpts from the text. Based on these excerpts, residential electricians are different from commercial electricians because
Answer: residential electricians work in people’s homes.

Question 10: Based on this excerpt, which question does Michael need to answer when he arrives at the location of the emergency?
Answer: Can this transformer be repaired?


Question 1: This story is mainly about?
Answer: the excitement generated by a unique NBA player.

Question 2: The author says that Lin is unique in the NBA. Which sentence supports that description?
Answer: He wasn’t drafted despite a very impressive college career.

Question 3: The author uses this opening paragraph to create a tone of?
Answer: exhilaration.

Question 4: Which sentence indicates that prejudice may have hampered Lin’s rise to stardom in basketball?
Answer: Preconceived ideas kept him on the bench, just because of how he looked.

Question 5: Lin got his big chance because?
Answer: other team members became injured.

Question 6: Which saying characterized the training Lin received from his dad on the court?
Answer: Practice makes perfect.

Question 7: How did the factor of Lin’s heritage change during the basketball season?
Answer: from damaging to helpful.

Question 8: When the author says that coaches expressed their regret regarding their oversight, what does the word “oversight” refer to?
Answer: failure to notice

Question 9: Which sentence indicates the wide extent of Lin’s popularity?
Answer: People who did not follow sports knew all about him.

Question 10: What was the most important result of the season of Linsanity?
Answer: A player proved Asian Americans could be great basketball players.

The Treasures of Asgard

Question 1: What is the main idea of the selection?
Answer: A noted trickster uses his mischievous spirit to get himself into and out of trouble.

Question 2: What does the phrase “give me my fill” mean in this excerpt?
Answer: To satisfy hunger with food.

Question 3: By eating the apples of Idun, the gods were able to?
Answer: Avoid any signs of aging.

Question 4: What does this excerpt tell the reader about Loki’s character?
Answer: He lets his mischievous nature take over his good judgment.

Question 5: According to this excerpt, the main factor in Loki’s success as a trickster was that?
Answer: Other people were good and did not expect him to wrong them.

Question 6: In this excerpt, the author creates a mood of?
Answer: Suspense.

Question 7: Choose the sentence in this excerpt that contains two figures of speech called similes.
Answer: Now his flight becomes like the flash of lightning for swiftness and like the rushing of clouds.

Question 8: Based on this excerpt, how did the council members realize that Loki was responsible?
Answer: They investigated his movements on the day Idun disappeared.

Question 9: For Loki, why would he consider his “trick” to have been a success?
Answer: He was able to tease the gods for their upsetting lives.

Question 10: Read the following excerpt. In today’s society, Idun’s husband would most likely?
Answer 1: Writer of musical scores.
Answer 2: Performer in operas.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Question 1: This selection shows mainly that?
Answer: a dog’s love can be boundless.

Question 2: Jeff could be described as?
Answer: energetic and curious.

Question 3: The authors use the information in this excerpt as?
Answer: foreshadowing.

Question 4: Jeff’s most annoying habit?
Answer: barking in people’s ears.

Question 5: Based on this excerpt, which of the following is an opinion?
Answer: Scientists think monarch butterflies have directions stored in their DNA.

Question 6: Why is the word “emotional” used in the nickname “emotional GPS”?
Answer: to show that dogs use their feelings rather than their knowledge

Question 7: What do these two excerpts tell you about information on the Internet?
Answer: It needs to be evaluated before being taken as reliable.

Question 8: Why is Dr. Jacobs skeptical that the dying dog is Jeff?
Answer: Stories on returning dogs are misleading.

Question 9: At the vet’s office, Jeff’s owner could be described as?
Answer: nervous and hopeful.

Question 10: The dying dog identifies himself as Jeff by?
Answer: barking in the vet’s ear.

The Chess Prodigy

Question 1: What is the main idea of this selection?
Answer: Mastering the principles of chess can have far-reaching effects on a person’s life.

Question 2: Based on this excerpt, what first motivated Phiona’s interest in chess to grow?
Answer: The need to plan ahead to survive in both the game and life

Question 3: What does the author mean when he describes Phiona’s life as “a twist of fate”?
Answer: It was a random occurrence that she discovered chess while living in a slum.

Question 4: From this excerpt, what can you tell about Phiona?
Answer: She did not care what others thought of her

Question 5: Why was Phiona’s lack of success at the 2010 Chess Olympiad not surprising?
Answer: She was younger and far less experienced than most of her opponents.

Question 6: Which sentence supports the author’s statement that Phiona is “one of the most promising young players in the world”?
Answer: When Phiona met Garry Kasparov, the world’s greatest living chess player, she was the one being honored.

Question 7: Put these events in Phiona’s life in order, starting with the earliest.
Answer 1: She seldom loses a game at the Junior Championship in Uganda.
Answer 2: She wins all the games at a children’s tournament in Sudan.
Answer 3: Her victories qualify her for the Chess Olympiad in Siberia. but she falls short.
Answer 4: She improves her games and does better at the Chess Olympiad in Istanbul.

Question 8: Based on this excerpt, why does the author refer to Katwe as “a place from which its residents seldom escape”?
Answer: The people are so poor and conditions so desperate that few people have the money to move away.

Question 9: Why did Robert Katende believe that the skills needed for chess would benefit the children he taught?
Answer: It would help them solve problems in their everyday lives.

Question 10: Read these two excerpts. In what ways are Phiona and Kasparov alike?
Answer 1: They both are inspirations to others.
Answer 2: They both enjoyed the educational aspects of chess.

Let the Games Begin!

Question 1: What’s the main idea of this selection?
Answer: The Paralympics is for people with disabilities

Question 2: This selection explains how the Paralympics began. Put this event in order from first to last
Answer 1: Dr. Guttmann opened a spinal injuries center in England.
Answer 2: Dr. Guttmann organized the first competition for athletes in wheelchairs.
Answer 3: The International Stoke Mandeville Games were founded.
Answer 4: The name of the Events was changed to the Paralympics

Question 3: The prefix “para” in the Paralympics means
Answer: “beside” or “alongside”

Question 4: Which two statements about the Paralympics are correct
Answer 1: They begin after the Olympics have ended.
Answer 2: They take place in the same location

Question 5: An athlete can try out for the Paralympics if judges believe he or she
Answer: Has a disability that would affect his or her ability to compete in the Olympics

Question 6: Athletes in the Paralympics are organized into sports classes. the goal is to have each class include athletes who
Answer: Have similar disabilities

Question 7: For sports related to running, athletes with vision problems are in one of three groups: T11, T12, or T13. What do the numbers in these groups mean?
Answer: The lower the number, the more serious the disability.

Question 8: Based on what you have read, what does this image show?
Answer: A Paralympic runner and a guide using the buddy system.

Question 9: The text states that the guide in the buddy system is very important to the runner’s process. Which two sentences from the text best support this?
Answer 1: The runner and the guide train together so that they can understand each other’s style.
Answer 2: If the runner wins a medal, the guide also wins one.

Question 10: The genre of this selection can best be described as
Answer: Informational nonfiction

A Global Art

Question 1: This selection is mainly about
Answer: The history & popularity of a specific art form.

Question 2: What do these two excerpts have in common?
Answer: Both list popular anime films or shows.

Question 3: Based on this excerpt, which statement best summarizes the difference between super robots
Answer: Super robots are fantasy, but real robots are realistic

Question 4: This image of an anime character shows which common anime
Answer: Overly large eyes

Question 5: Based on what you have read, this selection can best be described as
Answer: Informational nonfiction

Question 6: “Dubbed” anime has
Answer: English-speaking actors whose voices are recorded over the Japanese

Question 7: Anime is the Japanese word for
Answer: Nimated drawings or images

Question 8: In the 1980s, which two events helped anime spread to new audiences?
Answer: The availability of home video & C.the creation of video games using

Question 9: Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon, got his idea from
Answer: Collecting insects when he was a child

Question 10: In this expert, what does the term “short-lived” most closely mean?
Answer: Brief or temporary

It’s All in the Pipes/Saving Houses Part 1

Question 1: The central focus of this text is to
Answer: Explain what skills are needed to work as a plumber

Question 2: This selection can best be described as informational nonfiction because it?
Answer: Provides facts about plumbing

Question 3: Based on what you have read, which statement about apprenticeships is correct?
Answer: Apprenticeships help plumbers become prepared for real-life work

Question 4: Put the steps of a plumber’s training in the order that it occurs, from first to last.
Answer 1: A plumber either goes to vocational school or straight into an apprenticeship
Answer 2: Plumber takes basic courses in how to use and care for different equipment
Answer 3: Plumber participates in on-the-job training
Answer 4: Plumber becomes a journeyman and works toward certification

Question 5: In this text, the author states that sometimes plumbers should attend vocational school before an apprenticeship. Why?
Answer: It teaches plumbers basic and specialized skills

Question 6: Read this excerpt. What are two advantages of plumbers completing an apprenticeship?
Answer 1: Being trained by experienced professionals
Answer 2: Learning important skills on job sites

Question 7: The author gives the numbers of plumbers working in some U.S. states. Based on these numbers, you can conclude that these states
Answer: Have a huge need for plumbers

Question 8: Choose the two sentences from this excerpt that explain what subjects are helpful for plumbers to learn
Answer 1: Everything from basic addition and subtraction all the way to algebra and geometry will be helpful to plumbers.
Answer 2: Having some knowledge of science, especially physics, is also very useful

Question 9: Which two tasks are master plumbers able to accomplish?
Answer 1: Oversee work sites
Answer 2: Design plumbing systems

Question 10: This is an image of a welding class, which is a type of class plumbers take during an apprenticeship. How is this image related to the selection?
Answer: Classes help plumbers learn skills they will need once they finish their program

Question 11: Read this excerpt. The author includes a question in this excerpt to
Answer: Help the reader understand questions a plumber may think of in a situation

Question 12: Based on what you have read, which aspect of his job does Andy Evans enjoy the most?
Answer: The ability to make his own decisions

A Magic Night

Question 1: This selection is mainly about Jason McElway and?
Answer: how sports helped him improve his life

Question 2: When Jason was a child, how did his mom know that he was not like other children?
Answer: He avoided other children and did not speak

Question 3: This Sesame Street character inspired Jason to do something when he was five years old. What did Jason do?
Answer: He spoke his first words, Big Bird

Question 4: What event caused Jason to become interested in basketball?
Answer: Jason’s older brother, Josh, started taking Jason everywhere he went, including sports locations

Question 5: Put these events from Jason’s life in order from first to last.
Answer 1: Jason became student manager of the Greece Athena Varsity Basketball team
Answer 2: Jason was the high scorer of the “senior night” basketball game
Answer 3: Jason became a motivational speaker
Answer 4: Jason ran in the Boston Marathon

Question 6: At the “senior night” basketball game, Coach Johnson told Jason he would try to get him into the game “only if the situation allowed.” This means the coach would let Jason play.
Answer: only if their team was in the lead and there was no real danger of them losing

Question 7: Read this excerpt. In the last sentence, the phrase “desired interview” most closely means?
Answer: a person whom everyone wants to talk to

Question 8: How do these two excerpts compare to or contrast with each other?
Answer: Both describe Jason’s enthusiasm and commitment toward the high school basketball team

Question 9: How did Jason’s sudden fame affect him?
Answer: It made him more confident

Question 10: Which statement about Jason is correct?
Answer: He was a top-performing runner as a senior on the high school’s cross-country team

Human vs. Artificial Intelligence (Man Vs. Computer)

Question 1: This selection is mainly about
Answer: A battle between human and artificial intel.

Question 2: Choose the sentence in the excerpt that explains why a computer could be
Answer: They developed a special code that allowed the comp. to calculate.

Question 3: What words best describe Kasparov’s state of mind during his losing match
Answer: Stunned and tense.

Question 4: Based on this selection, which two words could be used to describe a computer’s thinking
Answer: Rigid & Predictable

Question 5: Why does the author refer to Deep Blues as “another beast”
Answer: It represented a mighty opponent to defeat

Question 6: Humans and computers are alike when playing chess because
Answer: they both Evaluate each move and its effect on the outcome of the game

Question 7: The author backs up his statement that computers are not considered as creative as humans
Answer: A computer can do only what humans have programmed it to do

Question 8: Why was Kasparov’s loss to Deep Blue so surprising
Answer: He had defeated Deep B and other computers in the past

Question 9: Based on this excerpt, what did Kasparov mean when he said of Deep B that he would “personally tear it to pieces”
Answer: If Deep B continued to play in chess competitions, he would beat it

Question 10: What does that excerpt tell you about human brains and computer intel
Answer: Human brains have the ability to be creative and imaginative

Dumb Luck

Question 1: This selection is mainly about?
Answer: how luck can give a person a false reputation.

Question 2: What technique does the author use to make the story appear true?
Answer: He says it was told to him by an honest clergyman.

Question 3: What does the banquet guest mean when he says, “It was food and drink to me to look, and look, and look at that idol”?
Answer: The guest felt inspired just by looking at Scoresby.

Question 4: What motivated the clergyman to help Scoresby in his first exam?
Answer: sympathy

Question 5: How does the clergyman ease his guilt about helping Scoresby succeed?
Answer: He believes Scoresby’s future actions will show others his lack of ability.

Question 6: What does this excerpt tell you about how the public treated Scoresby?
Answer: People believed that Scoresby could do no wrong.

Question 7: What could be considered Scoresby’s greatest stroke of luck?
Answer: coming upon the Russian army reserves.

Question 8: Which of the following adjectives characterize Scoresby?
Answer: modest, trusting, and clueless

Question 9: At the end of the selection, what question might a reader have?
Answer: Why was the clergyman the only one to see Scoresby was a fool?

Question 10: This excerpt has a tone of?
Answer: sarcasm.

William & The Windmill

Question 1: This selection is mainly about how William?
Answer: Built a windmill to bring electric power to his village

Question 2: When the drought was over, William planned to enter high school but did?
Answer: His family didn’t have the money to pay the school fees

Question 3: In this excerpt, what’s the purpose of the third sentence?
Answer: It offers an example to support a statement given in the second sentence

Question 4: A simile is a comparison between two things. Choose the sentence in this excerpt that shows?
Answer: They were tall, steel towers with blades revolving like giant fans

Question 5: Based on this excerpt, what was the most important factor in Williams’s decision?
Answer: There was plenty of wind in his area to power a windmill

Question 6: How do these two excerpts from the selection work together?
Answer: Both illustrate how William found the parts he needed from piles of scraps and junk

Question 7: The selection states that since there is no word for “windmill” in the language of Malawi, William told the people the windmill was “magetsi a mphepo” What does this mean?
Answer:  Electric wind

Question 8: Based on these two excerpts, the attitude of the people in the village toward William can best be described as?
Answer: Doubtful

Question 9: When the windmill was finished, William unlocked the wheel to allow it to turn. The selection states this moment was “his moment” for two reasons.
Answer:  To find out if his experiment would work
To show everyone that he wasn’t crazy

Question 10: In this excerpt, which does the word “marvel” most closely mean?
Answer: Look at wonder or amazement

How’s Your Memory?

Question 1: What is the main idea of this selection?
Answer: Most people are capable of improving their memory if they use a variety of aids and strategies.

Question 2: This selection says that memory is helped by?
Answer: Being interested in what you are learning.

Question 3: This type of memory aid is called?
Answer: A mnemonic.

Question 4: To increase memory, the author wants to persuade the reader to?
Answer: Have fresh air and exercise

Question 5: Infants in this selection were not startled the second time they heard a bell because?
Answer: The sound of the ringing bell is in their memories.

Question 6: In this except, researchers believe the first step in the memory process is?
Answer: Storing information correctly.

Question 7: Based on this selection, the best thing to do during a momentary memory block is?
Answer: To relax and think of something else

Question 8: Which of the following is an example of the strategy of association described in this selection?
Answer: “Mr. Whitehead has white hair”

Question 9: According to the selection, momentary mental blocks can be caused by?
Answer: Stress.

Question 10: Experts say it is easier to remember something if you “sleep on it” most likely because?
Answer: There have been few occurrences at night to interfere with the information you learned.

A Mighty Giant

Question 1: Ulysses’ difficult journey home was the result of?
Answer: the punishment of the god.

Question 2: Ulysses’ judged that the cave he visited was home to a rich shepherd. How does the author of this story help the reader understand how Ulysses reached this opinion?
Answer: by describing the … of the cave.

Question 3: Why was Ulysses so concerned about what kind of host the owner of the cave might be?
Answer: welcoming guests was a quality valued by both travelers and the gods.

Question 4: Which of the following statements is an example of Ulysses’ wisdom?
Answer: knowing he would be stuck in the cave if he slayed the giant.

Question 5: Based on this excerpt, how did Ulysses’ men escape from the cave?
Answer: they hid under the ramp belly.

Question 6: Put the events in Ulysses’ escape from the clutches of the Cyclops in the correct order, starting with the earliest
Answer 1: Ulysses and his men find a big pole in the cave.
Answer 2: Ulysses and his men sharpen a pole…
Answer 3: The Cyclops make…
Answer 4: Ulysses offers the Cyclops a large quantity of drink.

Question 7: How does the author use this excerpt to show the theme of hospitality?
Answer: by connecting the monster’s punishment to his bad treatment of his guests.

Question 8: What kind of leader was Ulysses?
Answer: sensible, generous, and insightful.

The Science of Slime

Question 1: This selection is mainly about?
Answer: how scientists are working to Prevent and treat infections caused by biofilms

Question 2: Read this part of the selection what does the second excerpt do?
Answer: Summarize the information in the first part.

Question 3: Read this excerpt from the selection.
Answer: The author begins this way to Get the reader’s attention by describing something they know about.

Question 4: What two examples from the text show how biofilms can be harmful?
Answer: Sticking to the lungs and making it difficult for people to breathe
Causing inner ear infections that come back again and again

Question 5: According to this text, what is one place in the human body where biofilms help keep people healthy?
Answer: Intestines

Question 6: Based on this interview with George O’Toole, which word best describes his attitude toward biofilm research?
Answer: Enthusiastic

Question 7: The author describes biofilm as a “colony of bacteria.” Which phrase from the text helps explain the meaning of “colony”1 as is used here?
Answer: Forming a group

Question 8: Read this part of the text the room is kept at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit because Dr. O’Toole Wants to trick the bacteria into growing as if it was in.
Answer: a human body.

Question 9: The author of this text interviewed microbiologist George O’Toole, Ph.D. What is the name for the “slimy colonies” he researches?
Answer: Biofilms

Question 10: Based on this text, when bacteria form a group they become Significantly more difficult to treat than?
Answer: individual bacteria.

Sleep Mysteries Explained

Question 1: This text is mainly about sleep and?
Answer: What causes strange nighttime issues?

Question 2: Read this excerpt. Which two factors can cause people to have trouble keeping their brains in sync?
Answer: Level of stress
Lack of sleep

Question 3: Which of the following sentences from the text best supports the opinion that sleep paralysis is nothing to worry about?
Answer: Scientists know that supernatural creatures have nothing to do with sleep paralysis because they can create such episodes in the lab.

Question 4: Which sentence from the selection proves that people today believe in sleep superstitions?
Answer: It all sounds suspiciously like sleep paralysis, but 48 percent of Americans believe UFOS may have visited Earth.

Question 5: Read this excerpt. What causes sleep paralysis?
Answer: People wake up before their REM cycle finishes.

Question 6: In this sentence, the word “repel” means
Answer: to fight.

Question 7: Read this excerpt. Ancient people believed that
Answer: Supernatural beings attacked people in their sleep.

Question 8: From ancient times, many cultures have examples of supernatural creatures that paralyze sleeping humans. Today, we know that sleep paralysis is caused by
Answer: Disruption in people’s sleep cycles.

Question 9: Which discovery motivated Eugene Aserinsky to conduct experiments on sleeping individuals?
Answer: His son’s different eye movements while he slept

Question 10: In the selection, what does REM stand for?
Answer: Rapid eye movement

Question 11: Read this excerpt. The author begins different parts of the text with a heading. The author’s purpose for doing this is to
Answer: Show the reader when a new topic is being explained.

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