[16 Test Answers] IS-1002: FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at Every Step

Here are the answers to IS-1002: FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at Every Step.

Overview: The FEMA IS-1002 course was published on 2/28/2019 to provide an in-depth look into the Grants Portal. By the end of the course, State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Applicants and Recipients will be able to discuss and use the Grants Portal software as it pertains to the Public Assistance program.

FEMA IS-1002 test answers

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Question 1. Which of the following panes in the Grants Portal Dashboard houses the “Widgets” tab? 
A. Resources
B. My Tasks✅
C. Intelligence
D. Utilities

Question 2. On which page of the Grants Portal can the Applicant download the Damage Inventory template? |
A. Project EEI
B. Event PA Requests Profile✅
C. Damage Details
D. Workflow Details

Question 3. If the Applicant chooses to have FEMA complete the Scope of Work and Cost Estimate on their behalf, FEMA will have all of the following responsibilities throughout the formulation process, except: 
A. Coordinating with Consolidated Resource Center personnel, sharing information, and maintaining situational awareness
B. Uploading supporting documents into Grants Portal for the Applicant and resolving the Request for Information without assistance from the Applicant✅
C. Meeting with the Applicant to achieve full document disclosure
D. Reviewing the draft Scope of Work and Cost Estimate

Question 4. Which of the following buttons should the Applicant select directly after verifying that the information in the “Recovery Transition Meeting” section of Grants Portal is accurate? 
A. Click to Sign
B. Submit
C. Save
D. Sign RTM✅

Question 5. How long does the Applicant have to respond to the Request for Information in Grants Portal? 
A. 45 days
B. 15 days✅
C. 60 days
D. 30 days

Question 6. Which of the following is an objective of Phase IV of the Public Assistance process? 
A. Determine the eligibility of the Applicant
B. Obligate projects✅
C. Identify the Applicants’ recovery priorities
D. Develop and validate the Cost Estimate

Question 7. Which of the following is a possible customization when adding a Widget to the Grants Portal Dashboard? 
A. Size✅
B. Name
C. Format
D. Description

Question 8. On which page in the Grants Portal, does the Applicant add the county location of their facilities or counties in which they have responsibility for activities? 
A. Project Details
B. Facilities Location✅
C. Personnel Details
D. My Organization Profile

Question 9. All of the following can be completed through the “My Organization Profile” page, except: 
A. Request Public Assistance
B. Upload insurance documentation
C. Manage answers to Essential Elements of Information
D. Edit the organization✅

Question 10. On which of the following pages can the Applicant find the “Scope and Cost Summary” bar? 
A. My Requests for Information
B. Event PA Requests Profile
C. Project Details✅
D. Workflow Details

Question 11. At the beginning of the process of approving the Request for Public Assistance, the Recipient must navigate to the “My Workflows” page by selecting the “Workflow Items” tab. Which pane is this tab located under in Grants Portal? 
A. Subrecipients✅
B. My Organization
C. Resources
D. My Tasks

Question 12. Which of the following activities in Grants Portal occurs in Phase I of the Public Assistance process? 
A. Develop the Damage Inventory✅
B. Completing request for Essential Elements of Information
C. Managing Requests for Information
D. Monitoring Site Inspection Work Orders

Question 13. Which of the following activities in Grants Portal occurs in Phase II of the Public Assistance process? 
A. Review the Event Profile
B. Completing requests for Essential Elements of Information✅
C. Approve the Request for Public Assistance
D. Develop the Damage Inventory

Question 14. Who will be the main point of contact from FEMA to the Applicant after the Recipient and FEMA approve the Request for Public Assistance? 
A. Alternate PA Coordinator
B. Personnel Manager
C. Primary PA Coordinator✅
D. Program Delivery Manager

Question 15. Which of the following is the objective for Phase III of the Public Assistance process? 
A. Identify the Applicants’ disaster impacts and recovery priorities
B. Capture the Applicant’s incident-related damage and determine eligibility
C. Obligate projects, complete the Recovery Transition Meeting with the Applicant, and transition Field Operations to the Region✅
D. Validate or develop the Scope of Work and Cost Estimate of a project based on codified damages

Question 16. FEMA developed the Grants Portal to _________ the Public Assistance process. 
A. streamline✅
B. observe
C. teach
D. shorten