[12 Test Answers] FEMA IS-841A: NEMIS HMGP System, Overview and Startup

Here are the FEMA test answers to IS-841.A: NEMIS HMGP System: Overview and Startup.

Overview: The FEMA IS-841.A course was published on 1/10/2019 to provide a way to administer Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) information and grant applications.

Primary audience: The IS-841.A course is for the whole community.

FEMA IS-841.A test answers

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Question 1. The mitigation module of NEMIS is called: 
B. Mitigation Emergency Support
C. NEMIS Grants

Question 2. To commit the estimated and obligated funds, which button must be selected in NEMIS? 
A. Commit Recalcs✅
B. Funding Allocation
C. DFSR Commit
D. Allocation Advisory

Question 3. Terminology changes in the Super Circular updates (Title 2, CFR, Part 200) include: 
A. Subapplicant instead of Grantee
B. Appellant instead of Claimant
C. Petitioner instead of Grantee
D. Recipient instead of Grantee✅

Question 4. After a user enters their User ID and Password, which sequence shows the steps to take to display the NEMIS HMGP menu bar? 
A. Click on the Mitigation icon, select Group ID, and select a disaster.
B. Select a Group ID, choose Mitigation, and enter a disaster number.✅
C. Click on Mitigation, create a disaster and enter the Group ID.
D. Choose a disaster, enter a Group ID, and select Mitigation.

Question 5. How often is the NEMIS HMGP User Manual updated? 
A. Regularly✅
B. Weekly
C. Infrequently
D. Annually

Question 6. When is the Federal Share limit automatically waived for insular areas such as Guam or the USVI? 
A. When the entire federal award is less than $200,000.
B. At the SHMO’s discretion.
C. When the disaster POP is longer than six months.
D. When the entire federal award is less than $500,000.✅

Question 7. Every FEMA and recipient Mitigation staff member who needs to work in NEMIS must have a NEMIS user ID and password. User access is recertified every: 
A. 360 days
B. 2 years
C. 5 years
D. 180 days✅

Question 8. On the Disaster Information tab, when should the closeout date be entered into the system? 
A. When the described event actually occurs
B. When the program manager provides an estimate
C. When the disaster period of performance end date is established✅
D. When the application is submitted for review

Question 9. Information entered into the NEMIS HMGP System by one user group can be viewed by other user groups, allowing each group to participate jointly in one comprehensive system. 

Question 10. NEMIS supports emergency management at a disaster site by integrating mitigation and planning operations with: 
A. FEMA programs and disaster assistance
B. Floodplain management grants
C. Emergency response operations✅
D. Predisaster mitigation grants

Question 11. To make sure you have the latest copy of the User Manual, you should search the FEMA website using the following search term: 
A. Mitigation
B. NEMIS HMGP User Manual✅
C. HMA User Manual
D. HMGP Lifecycle

Question 12. Which Recipient administrative plan information is entered on the Disaster Overview, Recipient Information tab? 
A. Approval Date and Plan Due Date
B. Recipient Declaration Date
C. Approval Type and Plan Type✅
D. Federal Public Notice Date

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