10 Exciting Things Found *ONLY* in the Philippines

Even though the Philippines sports a good amount of influence from the west and even from Korea, the Philippines has something original!

Looking to travel to the Philippines soon? Or do you simply want to know what unique things that exist in this tropical country? Not to worry since you stumbled on the best possible list of things found only in the Philippines!

This article will be categorized into three sections namely: (1) Activities, (2) Delicacies, and (3) Items!


Have a glimpse of some noteworthy Filipinos Activities that both tourists and locals would find only in the Philippines:

1. Riding a jeepney!

Other countries may have a bus or taxi as their most famous mode of transportation but the Filipino version of commuting would be riding a jeepney!

This car can hold up to 15 passengers (depending on its size) and is widely used by Filipinos since its fare is cheap, around 10 to 20 pesos (depending on your distance of travel). It is not airconditioned but has long windows that allow wind to get through. People are usually cramped in this vehicle though it’s a great area for interacting and seeing different kinds of people. Always be attentive to your belongings though!

Passengers would have to wave their hand at a passing jeepney so that the jeepney driver could pick them up. They then enter through the back of the vehicle and take a seat. Payments are done by passing coins to the passengers in front of you until it reaches the driver. Once you want to get down, simply alert the driver either by saying so, knocking on the wood of the jeep, or knocking on the bar using a coin. Jeeps are found everywhere in the Philippines! Just be aware of their different routes and expect that travel time will be lengthy.


2. Get cooked alive in a large cook pot

Did you ever want to know what getting cooked feels like? N-no? Well, this tourist activity is exactly that!  You can take a relaxing hot bath in a hot pot!

This service is usually found in beach resorts. It oftentimes goes along with a relaxing spa massage, followed by a hot bath mixed with your choice of essential oils and flowers as seasoning. All this while overlooking a marvelous ocean view. Isn’t it the best experience when getting cooked alive? Truly the best way to spend a vacation.

Philippines delicacies

To know a country’s culture, their food is the way to go. Here’s a list of some of the well-known foods of the Philippines:

3. Sisig

Sisig is a dish made of crushed pig ear cartilage paired with its liver and brains mashed into cream and served with calamansi and chili peppers on a sizzling hot plate. Despite its gruesome description, this dish is a staple among Filipinos due to its crispy yet chew texture and salty but also citrusy flavor. 

4. Balut

Ever wondered what a fetus of a boiled duck that is way past its raw egg phase but just before its hatching time tastes like? This is actually what balut is! This Filipino go-to delicacy is a hard-boiled duck egg developing an embryo inside. This is usually sold in the streets and is perfect when seasoned with vinegar, chili, and salt.

As weird as this street food may look, this protein-rich egg tastes great! (despite the texture being weird). If you can’t bring yourself to eat a duck embryo though, just close your eyes and take a big bite since I promise you it’s worth it!

5. Dinuguan

Dinuguan directly translates to pork blood stew. Grossed out? Same! But this unique delicacy is famous among Filipinos due to its porky and savory taste. It’s the best when mixed with rice and other times it is served with steamed rice cake. Although eating blood may seem weird, we promise it won’t turn you into a vampire!

6. Halo-halo

Halo-halo means “mixed” in Tagalog. Halo-halo is, well, a “halo-halo” of shaved ice, ube ice cream,  fruits, and condensed milk perfect for drinking on a hot summer day, the usual climate of the Philippines. This is frequented by Filipinos during ‘mirienda’ or snack time or as a dessert. Envision yourself eating this refreshing and cool dessert to battle the tropical heat of the country. The ultimate secret weapon for sure!

7. Dirty ice cream

Contrary to the name it suggests, dirty is icecream is not dirty at all! This street food is usually given by vendors who walk by the streets while ringing a bell to catch the attention of children. This traditional ice cream given is called Sorbetes, which has a light and icy texture made with either coconut milk or carabao milk.

8. Dried mango

This famous Filipino snack and delicacy is made by drying up thin slices of mangoes. This is then finished with powdered sugar and then packaged. This could be your go-to Filipino snack especially if you love fruits.


Philippine-made items are the best souvenirs because of the unique and eccentric culture of the Filipinos. Here is a small list of these items:

9. Barrel man

This hilarious Filipino treasure is a wooden carving that features a naked man or woman hiding inside the barrel. When you lift the barrel, the man’s genitals or the woman’s breast is revealed. It can be used as a figurine that will surely make those who are curious enough to touch it, laugh. This item can be purchased in both villages located by the mountains or inside malls. Surely the perfect souvenir for your close relatives.

10. Banig

A banig is a woven mat made in the Philippines and used for sleeping and sitting on. Although varying from each ethnic tribe, it can be made from either palm, pandan, or seagrass leaves. These mats usually come in vibrant colors with geometric patterns and symbols. It can usually be found in both street markets and malls. Although usually used as a mat to sit or lie down own, it can also be used as material for bags, throw pillows, and framed decors.