[42 Test Answers] FEMA IS-406: Operating a Shelter

Here are the FEMA test answers to IS 406: Operating a Shelter.

Overview: The FEMA IS-406 course was published on 10/02/2023 to support state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments, as well as community and faith-based, non-profit, and private sector partners to increase readiness for shelter site management and congregate shelter operations and to provide best practices and common methodology.

Primary audience: FEMA IS-406 is for all SLTT Mass Care, Public Health and Medical Services, and Agricultural and Natural Resources emergency managers, community and faith-based individuals and organizations, and private sector partners tasked with working in an emergency shelter.

FEMA IS-406 test answers

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Question 1. Feeding staff are expected to maintain ________.
A. registration procedures
B. the check-in/check-out system
C. the HVAC system
D. safe food handling practices✅

Question 2. Inventory management includes all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Tracking supply expenses.
B. Organizing shelter supplies and equipment.
C. Assigning cots to shelter residents.✅
D. Loaned or rented equipment.

Question 3. A method for emergency evacuation plans and messaging within the shelter should be determined at which point?
A. When the local EMA does their walk-through of the facility.
B. After residents are checked in.
C. Upon shelter facility inspection.✅
D. When staffing the shelter.

Question 4. A department of human services may coordinate with community _____ to manage the operation of shelters.
A. restaurants
B. poison control
C. libraries
D. emergency response teams✅

Question 5. All of these events should be documented as a shelter incident EXCEPT:
A. A threat of bodily harm.
B. Removal of individuals from the shelter.
C. An injury.
D. A small liquid spill during a meal time.✅

Question 6. How can local public libraries support shelters?
A. Manage sheltering operations for pets.
B. Provide language translators for assistance with shelter communication.✅
C. Ensure shelters adhere to fire codes.
D. Initiate catering efforts with local restaurants.

Question 7. How many functions of fundamental sheltering are listed in the Shelter Field Guide are there?
A. Five.
B. Eight.
C. Ten.
D. Seven.✅

Question 8. Who, generally, is the first line of contact for new arrivals to the shelter?
A. Registration staff.✅
B. Logistics staff.
C. Feeding staff.
D. Dormitory staff.

Question 9. The local emergency management agency will: 
A. Provide supplies and resources.
B. Personally manage the registration area.
C. Provide daily meals for staff and shelter residents.
D. Make a determination on how many shelters to open.✅

Question 10. All of the following are examples of potential congregate shelter spaces EXCEPT:
A. Houses of worship.
B. Hotels.✅
C. Assembly halls.
D. Schools.

Question 11. FEMA coordinates with _____ to provide support for food, water, cots, and blankets for shelters.
A. fire and rescue services
B. state and local emergency management✅
C. the local library
D. the department of social services

Question 12. All of the following are considerations for opening a shelter EXCEPT:
A. Emergency evacuation plan and meeting place.
B. Proximity to the nearest supermarket.✅
C. Working HVAC and electrical systems.
D. Safe location for the facility.

Question 13. Additional responsibilities of dormitory staff include:
A. Sorting clothing and blanket donations.
B. Maintaining security and safety.
C. Sorting cash donations.✅
D. Monitoring outside visitors to the dormitory area.

Question 14. FEMA may provide public assistance funding or reimbursement to government applicants for all of the following costs EXCEPT:
A. Transportation costs for shelter staff.
B. Shelter facility costs.
C. Costs paid to the American Red Cross.✅
D. Shelter staff costs.

Question 15. How can staff address residents who have requested vegetarian diets?
A. Remove the meat from the meal before serving it to the vegetarian residents.
B. Connect them with feeding staff to discuss their options.✅
C. Allow them to cook their own meals.
D. Let them know that only those with allergies can request specific diets.

Question 16. Religious practices must be accommodated in a shelter. How can this be achieved?
A. This violates the civil rights of non-practicing shelter residents.
B. Establish a quiet space for daily prayer.✅
C. Provide prayer mats.
D. Provide transportation to and from the local mosque.

Question 17. An important task for the feeding staff is: 
A. To service computers throughout the shelter.
B. To manage the preparation and service of meals and snacks.✅
C. To perform health and mental health screenings.
D. To manage the general information desk.

Question 18. If a shelter resident who uses an assistive walking device like a cane requires a replacement, who coordinates this?
A. Feeding staff.
B. Logistics staff.✅
C. Health and mental health services.
D. Shelter site manager.

Question 19. FEMA Resource Typing states that there are _____ types of shelter managers.
A. six
B. four
C. five
D. three✅

Question 20. The “Health and Mental Health” checklist advises that you should always:
A. Establish an isolation area in case people arrive with communicable diseases.
B. Have qualified staff on call in case first aid/CPR needs to be administered.
C. Have emergency phone numbers safely stored at the registration desk.
D. Coordinate with local health officials/agencies to establish their protocols for support.✅

Question 21. What is one way that shelter staff may be informed of a shelter population’s needs?
A. With a suggestion box.
B. By eavesdropping on their conversations.
C. Daily surveys.
D. By identifying individuals who act as community leaders in the shelter.✅

Question 22. When are federal commodities available to shelters?
A. At all times throughout the disaster cycle.
B. When the local emergency management agency asks for them.
C. When the state requests commodities when a presidential declaration is enacted.✅
D. When a shelter runs out of food.

Question 23. Shelter site management describes the activities of the person who is the _____ at a shelter site.
A. president
B. leader✅
C. treasurer
D. secretary

Question 24. The _____ can provide guidance related to the necessity for opening a shelter.
A. local emergency management agency✅
B. mayor
C. fire marshal
D. local American Red Cross chapter

Question 25. Shelter management is responsible for providing _____ and _____ support for shelter operations.
A. supervision and planning
B. supervision and operational✅
C. supervision and qualification
D. operational and emergency

Question 26. One important responsibility of the logistics staff is:
A. To recruit staff.
B. To provide IT support for registration staff.
C. To assist nurses with medical screenings.
D. To coordinate site maintenance.✅

Question 27. An important task for registration staff is: 
A. To sort donations delivered to the shelter site by the community.
B. To ensure that residents’ dietary needs are met.
C. To perform in-depth health and mental health screenings.
D. To ensure confidentiality with registrants.✅

Question 28. Which of the following materials is listed in the Shelter Field Guide for opening a shelter?
A. Popcorn machines.
B. Evening gowns.
C. Ice cream.
D. Blankets.✅

Question 29. Which of these situations would NOT require a shelter to be opened? 
A. Snowstorm.
B. A hurricane.
C. A strike of employees at the Department of Motor Vehicles.✅
D. Dam collapse.

Question 30. The registration waiting area should have all of these features EXCEPT:
A. Drinking water.
B. Protection from the elements.
C. Meals.✅
D. Seating.

Question 31. The best example of a resource that may be provided by a VOAD agency is:
A. Providing a van for rideshare services like Uber or Lyft.
B. Managing spontaneous donations.✅
C. Donating warehouse facilities.
D. Providing childcare services.

Question 32. Which entity must make requests for federal sources?
A. Private sector.
B. Local.
C. Federal.
D. State.✅

Question 33. Big box stores like Target and Wal-Mart are part of the private sector. How can they support shelter operations?
A. By providing toys or games for children, or clean-up kits and supplies.✅
B. By providing free internet/Wi-Fi connectivity.
C. By providing waste management services.
D. By providing access to food preparation stations.

Question 34. The FEMA ESF #6 Support System tracks:
A. Donations sent to shelters.
B. Shelter location information.✅
C. Shelter food supplies.
D. Shelter staff costs.

Question 35. What is one way to balance the media’s desire to publicize the disaster response with the shelter residents’ right to privacy?
A. Ban any media presence near the shelter.
B. Request that the media only communicate with the local EMA
C. Conduct all resident interviews outside, away from the shelter.
D. Establish a communication plan.✅

Question 36. How, generally, should dormitory management handle accommodations for families, single men, and single women?
A. Ensure that there are at least 1000 feet of space between these populations.
B. Establish a separate sleeping area.✅
C. Alternate the cots for families, single men, and single women.
D. These populations can always reside in a combined dormitory space.

Question 37. Two residents were caught smoking on the second floor of the shelter. How can staff address this?
A. Identify the culprits and ban them from all area shelters.
B. Remind residents of the shelter rules and the consequences for breaking them.✅
C. Remind residents not to be tattletales.
D. Identify the culprits and escort them out of the shelter.

Question 38. All of the following factors may trigger closing a shelter EXCEPT:
A. Running low on silverware for meal services.✅
B. A diminishing shelter population.
C. Difficulty sourcing hygiene kits.
D. A majority of the shelter population returning home.

Question 39. Another important responsibility of logistics staff is:
A. Coordinating inventory management.✅
B. Checking in and checking out shelter residents.
C. Addressing dietary concerns of shelter residents.
D. Assigning cots to shelter residents.

Question 40. The local emergency management agency can provide or support all of the following resources EXCEPT:
A. Public health.✅
B. Security.
C. Calling upon federal resources.
D. Cots, blankets, food, and personnel.

Question 41. Operations at shelter sites have functional responsibilities for staff in all of these EXCEPT:
A. Mental health.
B. Registration.
C. Staffing.
D. Family recovery.✅

Question 42. Factors that might indicate it is time to close a shelter include:
A. Wi-Fi connectivity is down for a day.
B. Immediate clean-up after the disaster event is complete.
C. A majority of shelter residents have transitioned from the shelter to more sustainable housing.✅
D. A fight among residents during the first days of the shelter opening.