[10 Test Answers] FEMA IS-130A: How to be an Exercise Evaluator

Here are the test answers to FEMA IS-130.A: How to be an Exercise Evaluator.

Overview: FEMA IS-130.A course was published on 2/12/2018 and is a new offering that introduces the basics of emergency management exercise evaluation and improvement planning. It also provides the foundation for exercise evaluation concepts and practices as identified in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program.

Primary audience: FEMA IS-130.A is for emergency management and homeland security professionals who require an introduction to exercises. EM, PIO, Fire, EMS, PH, LE, PW, VOAD, Private Industry.

FEMA IS-130.A test answers

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Question 1. The After Action Report (AAR)/Improvement Plan (IP) should contain:
A. Corrective actions
B. Corrective action benchmarks
C. Analysis of capabilities demonstrated
D. Basic exercise information
E. All of the above✅

Question 2. Information provided in the Controller/Evaluator (C/E) Handbook includes:
A. Performance thresholds for each core capability being exercised✅
B. A multi-year schedule of specific training and exercises
C. A chronological timeline of expected actions and scripted events to be injected into exercise play
D. Evaluator team organization, assignments, and locations

Question 3. An evaluator for an operations-based exercise records what data?
A. The participants’ actions
B. The Simulation Cell’s (SimCell’s) actions
C. The controllers’ discussions
D. The participants’ discussions✅

Question 4. During the After-Action Meeting (AAM), participants should:
A. Identify specific corrective action owners/assignees
B. Develop the draft AAR
C. Develop concrete deadlines for the implementation of corrective actions
D. A and B
E. A and C✅
F. All of the above

Question 5. Jurisdictions conduct exercises to:
A. Identify critical tasks
B. Evaluate potential job candidates
C. Assess core capabilities✅
D. Showcase resources

Question 6. The player hot wash provides an opportunity for evaluators to fill in gaps in their notes.

Question 7. During an exercise, the lead evaluator is responsible for:
A. Identifying data collection methods
B. Identifying evaluation requirements✅
C. Analyzing evaluator data
D. Providing input to the Lead Controller

Question 8. Components of the evaluator briefing include:
A. Verification of evaluator roles, responsibilities, and assignments
B. Review of the Master Scenario Events List (MSEL)
C. Review of the Exercise Plan (ExPlan)
D. A and C
E. B and C
F. All of the above✅

Question 9. An After-Action Meeting (AAM) should be held after an exercise is conducted. An outcome of this meeting is:
A. Draft After-Action Report (AAR)
B. Draft Improvement Plan (IP)
C. Deadlines for implementation of corrective actions✅
D. Multi-year Training and Exercise Plan (TEP)

Question 10. Complete the sentence: _________ is key when writing recommendations for improvement.
A. Restraint
B. Strategy
C. Creativity
D. Honesty✅