[18 Test Answers] Driver Education Course

Here are the test answers to the Driver's Education Course. Make sure that you are comfortable with the basic skills required to operate a motor vehicle.

Overview: The Driver’s Education Course covers the basics of driving, including traffic laws, vehicle control, and safety practices.

This driver training program is intended for new drivers who are just starting out and still learning how to operate a motor vehicle for the first time.

Driver’s Education Course Answers

Question 1: A person who has been drinking alcoholic beverages will usually
A. have impaired judgment and coordination✅
B. be spotted immediately by police and highway patrol.
C. be charged with drunk driving even if they are holding the keys of their vehicle in their hands.
D. recognize that they should not drive a motor vehicle.

Question 2: After you start your vehicle, and as you begin to drive, always check your ______.
A. hazard lights
B. brakes✅
C. car stereo
D. steering movement

Question 3: In Texas, a minor driver’s license has which of the following?
A. states “Under 21 driver’s license” on the front.
B. is presented in vertical format.
C. provides an “under 21 until” date.
D. all of the above.✅

Question 4: One drink equals ______ in the eyes of law enforcement.
A. 10 ounces of beer
B. 12 ounces of beer✅
C. 5 ounces of beer
D. 6 ounces of beer

Question 5: When a pedestrian walks out into the street in violation of the law, you should?
A. insist on your right of way
B. caution them about jaywalking
C. yield the right of way to avoid injuring them✅
D. let them look out for themselves

Question 6: A driver who feels justified in dominating others and participates in crash-causing behavior is a/an ________.
A. aggressive driver✅
B. alcoholic
C. important driver
D. drowsy driver

Question 7: After parking your vehicle, for greatest safety you should get out of your vehicle:
A. on the street side
B. quickly
C. slowly
D. on the curb side✅

Question 8: Aggressive drivers ________ two to four times more people than alcohol-impaired drivers.
A. cut off
B. annoy
C. injure✅
D. collide with

Question 9: At night, use  _____  on your rearview mirror.
A. the hands-free setting
B. cleaning solution
C. windshield wiper fluid
D. night view✅

Question 10: Cars parked on the side of a highway at night should show?
A. high-beam headlights
B. interior lights only
C. flashlight only
D. parking lights✅

Question 11: The speed limit for passenger cars on highways numbered by this state or the United States Is?
A. 60 MPH
B. 80 MPH
C. 90 MPH
D. 70 MPH✅

Question 12: When a vehicle ahead of you stops to let a pedestrian pass in front of you, you should?
A. overtake to the left
B. sound your horn
C. overtake to the right
D. stay in line and wait until the vehicle ahead proceeds✅

Question 13: If you do not have ________, always drive with your low-beam headlights on.
A. center-signal lights.
B. fog lights.
C. daytime running lights.✅
D. rear-view lights.

Question 14: It is legal for a person to have both a Texas driver’s license and a Texas identification card.

Question 15: What can you do to lessen the chances of being in an aggressive driving situation?
A. avoid rush hour
B. don’t follow another car too closely
C. don’t use the horn to show you are angry
D. all of the above✅

Question 16: You should replace your  _______ every 15000 miles.
A. fuel filter✅
B. air filter
C. brake pad
D. all of the above

Question 17: You should check your battery _________.
A. every six months✅
B. week
C. 30,000 miles
D. night

Question 18: You should check your windshield wiper fluid level _______.
A. every day
B. every week
C. never
D. every six months✅

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