[50 items] Prof Ed LET Reviewer: Teaching Profession

Teaching Profession Prof Ed reviewer for the upcoming LET/LEPT.

Get a sense of what’s coming on your Professional Education (Prof Ed) exam with this Teaching Profession LET/LEPT reviewer. We included 50 multiple-choice questions.

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Teaching Profession reviewer

1. Which of the following is NOT in the norms of conduct under RA 6713?
A. Professionalism
B. Commitment to the public interest
C. Justness and sincerity
D. Responsiveness to the private

2. Mr. Santos is a holder of a valid certificate of eligibility as a teacher issued by the Civil Service Commissioner and the DECS, while Mr. Cruz is a registered professional. Who is allowed to practice the teaching profession in the Philippines?
A. Mr. Santos, because of his CSC eligibility certificate
B. Both of them, because their credentials are both recognized by law.
C. Neither of the two because they did not take and pass the LET.
D. Mr. Cruz, because his credentials are recognized by law.

3. Is membership in the accredited professional organization for teachers mandatory for all LET passers?
A. Yes, when the teacher is already teaching.
B. No.
C. Only for LET passers who are not repeaters
D. Yes

4. Teacher Rochelle affirms that being a teacher is a task entrusted by this world. Does she, therefore, believe that teaching is a _______?
A. Profession
B. Mission
C. Bread butter
D. Vocation

5. Teacher S, a Science teacher has been accused of sexual harassment by one of her students. What should the school principal do?
A. Tell the teacher to stop reporting to school.
B. Ask the teacher to surrender to the police.
C. Create a committee to investigate the accusation.
D. Advice the teacher to transfer to another school.

6. To ensure high standards of teachers’ personal and professional development, which measure must be implemented?
I. A school head plans the professional development of his/her teachers.
II. Every teacher formulates his/her own professional development plan.
III. The implementation of what is learned in training must be monitored.
A. II and III
B. II only
C. I and III
D. I only

7. The results of the LET revealed the low performance of future teachers. In April 2010 only 15% of the BEED and 25% of the BSED graduates passed. What do the results imply?
A. More training to be given to BEED students.
B. Determine the specialization of BSE graduates
C. Implement selective admission in TEIS.
D. Review existing teacher education curriculum vis-a-vis TOS.

8. What norm of conduct is manifested by being loyal to the republic and the Filipino people?
A. Professionalism
B. Honesty
C. Nationalism and Patriotism
D. Responsiveness to the public

9. Which are the job-embedded requirements for teachers and so must continuously develop themselves in these aspects?
I. Maintains updated pupil/student school records.
II. Conducts action research.
III. Maintains harmonious relationship with stakeholders
IV. Channels and guides learners.

10. For quality professional development, teachers must consider the NCBTS, which are the established standards for good teaching in the Philippines. What is meant by the acronym NCBTS?
A. National Competency-Basic Teacher Standards
B. National Competency-Based Teaching Standards
C. National Competency-Basic Teaching Standards
D. National Competency-Based Teacher Standards

11. Which of the following manifests “Commitment to democracy” as explained in RA 6713?
A. Committing to democratic values and ways of life.
B. Maintaining the principle of accountability.
C. Manifesting by deeds the supremacy of civilian authority over the military.
D. All of these

12. Which is the most appropriate characteristics of a globally competent individual?
A. open-mindedness to a new culture
B. foreign-language policy
C. adaptability to a new work environment
D. familiarity with the new culture

13. Teacher H contracted an illness that required rest for more than one year. Which leave should she apply for?
A. Personal leave
B. Sick leave
C. Vacation leave
D. Indefinite leave

14. Teacher Toni is in a relationship with his student. Is this allowed?
A. No at all times
B. Yes, provided that Teacher Toni should exercise utmost professional discretion to avoid scandal, gossip, and preferential treatment of the learner.
C. Yes, they should be proud of their relationship by revealing to the entire class their real status.
D. No, unless principal allowed.

15. Teacher M suffers from hypertension and experiences difficulty in speech. Which would be affected if he continues teaching?
A. Punctuality
B. Personality
C. Devotion to duty
D. Effectiveness

16. Ms. Sanchez, a BSE graduate, has not passed the LET yet. In what capacity can she be hired?
A. Permanent status
B. Emergency status
C. Provisional for not less than six months
D. Provisional for not less than one year

17. “Once a teacher, forever a student.” What does this statement imply about quality personal and professional development for teachers?
A. The teacher learns from his/her students.
B. It is continuing
C. The teacher is able to teach his/her student.
D. Personal and professional development call for teachers’ exposure to students.

18. Which of these skills must a teacher develop that will enable him/her to look at problems as opportunities?
I. Addressing problems as fast as possible
II. Remaining alert to the possibility
III. Foster a sense of accomplishment
IV. Promote a sense of belonging
B. I, II, IV

19. For relevance to business and industry, what did the First Biennial National Education on Education (2008) impose for updating the Licensure Examination for teachers?
A. Vocational skills
B. Upgraded laboratory facilities
C. Technical and scientific competencies
D. Moral and ethical values

20. Principal B acted on the letter of complaint received by his office 30 days after saying he was preoccupied with more important things in the past days. Is his reason acceptable?
A. Yes, because he has to prioritize things.
B. No, RA 6713 states that public officials and employees must act promptly on letters and requests within 15 working days from receipt thereof.
C. Yes, because the letter of complaint can wait and is of no urgency.
D. No, the reason is simply unacceptable.

21. What is RA 6713 also called?
A. Ethical standards for public Employees
B. Code of Ethical Standards and Conduct of Government Officials and Employees
C. Code of Ethical Standards for Government Officials and Employees
D. Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

22. Teacher Uy was ordered by her principal to come to school on four consecutive Saturdays for the training of students’ editorial staff of their school paper. Is this allowed under RA 4670?
A. Yes, because it’s part of the teacher’s other duties
B. Yes, provided the teacher is compensated
C. No, because it’s not clearly indicated in the law.
D. No, because it is not within the regular functions of the classroom teacher.

23. Teacher K teaches in a public school in her locality. Due to teacher shortage, her classroom teaching starts at 6:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. Is the assignment given to her just?
A. No, Magna Carta for Public School Teachers states that in the exigencies of service, any teacher may be required to render more than six hours and not more than eight hours of actual classroom teaching a day.
B. Yes, the situation demands that she render longer teaching hours.
C. Yes, as long as she signs a conformed letter to that effect.
D. No, rendering longer teaching hours would make the teacher tired and exhausted.

24. How do you know a program for teachers’ professional development that meets a high standard from one that does not? Quality professional development helps teachers to ______.
A. get intrinsically motivated to grow continuously
B. put themselves far above their student
C. get promoted
D. earn MA units for ranking purposes

25. Mr. Salazar, a school superintendent, filed his statement of assets and liabilities upon assuming office. Under what ethical standard does this practice fall?
A. Divestment
B. System of Incentives
C. Prohibited Acts and Transactions
D. Statement of Assets and Liabilities

26. A school’s academic coordinator has been found to have engaged in gambling which has caused him to be absent most of the time. Can his certificate of registration as a teacher be revoked?
A. Yes, because habitual gambling is dishonorable conduct and is against the practice of teaching.
B. No, because he’s protected by his rights as a teacher.
C. No, unless he’s proven guilty
D. Yes, because yes incompetent

27. Which of the following BEST implied by quality and relevant teacher development initiatives?
A. Capacity building of educational community
B. Focus on the non-performers
C. Lifelong learning
D. Mentoring experts who share the latest ideas about teaching and learning.

28. To whom does the word TEACHER refer?
I. Full-time teachers
II. Part time teachers
III. Guidance counselors
IV. Librarians
A. I, II, and III
B. I, II, III, and IV
C. I and III
D. III and IV

29. Can Manny Pacquiao be given a special permit to teach boxing in a special school?
A. No, he is not a teacher education graduate.
B. Yes, he has excelled and gained international recognition.
C. No, he has not passed the LET
D. Yes, he is a graduate of ALS.

30. What is the core of the Teacher Education Development Program?
A. Technology integration in instruction
B. student-centered learning
C. high order thinking skills or HOTS
D. National Competency-Based Teaching Standards

31. Teacher Audrey tutors her students, who have difficulty coping with Math, after class hours. Is her act ethical?
A. Yes, provided she receives just compensation.
B. No, that is unfair to other students.
C. Yes, provided she does not require a fee from the parents
D. No, she should be free after her official time.

32. Which educational level/s provides for free and compulsory education as stipulated in Article IV, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution?
A. Tertiary level
B. Elementary level
C. Secondary level
D. Elementary and Secondary level

33. An Education graduate without a license is accepted to teach in a private school? Is this in violation of RA 7836?
A. Yes, No one may teach without a license
B. Yes
C. No
D. No provided he has taught for at least 3 years

34. You are very much interested in the quality development program for teachers. What characteristics should you look for?
A. Prescribed by top educational leaders
B. Responsive to identified teachers’ needs
C. Required for renewal of professional license
D. Depends on the availability of funds

35. Teacher Kevin has not practiced his profession for the past five years. Can he go back to teaching immediately?
A. Yes
B. No, unless he enrolled in a refreshers course of 12 units
C. No
D. Yes, if nobody can take his place

36. It is professional for teachers to receive gifts from the students and parents?
A. No, especially if done in exchange for requested concessions
B. Yes, in-season and out-season gifts
C. Yes, if deserved
D. Not at all

37. The teacher performance results provide continual _____ to professional development.
A. guidance
B. assessment
C. support
D. feedback

38. Societal change requires continually deep-seated questions about “good” living. Which of these did Socrates recognize as the greatest of human virtues?
A. Fair justice
B. piety
C. courage
D. Moral wisdom

39. Teacher Pedro, the English coordinator, was assisted by teacher Elena throughout the celebration of English Week. What could teacher Pedro do to acknowledge teacher Elena’s assistance?
A. Mention formally to the principal the assistance received
B. Keep quiet about the assistance received
C. Make an announcement giving due recognition of the assistance received.
D. Buy her gift

40. This self-assessment tool is used nationwide and is one of the bases in planning the _____ training of teachers.
A. division-based
B. pre-service
C. post-service
D. school-based

41. Which is ethical for teachers to do in a situation where he/she falls in love with the students or when a student falls in love with his/her teacher?
A. The teacher resigns from his/her job.
B. The teacher avoids the learner.
C. The teacher advises the student to discontinue his/her studies.
D. The teacher exercise discretion to avoid scandal and gossip about preferential treatment.

42. Which competencies are expected of BEED and BSED graduates?
I. Higher level literacy and critical thinking
II. principled understanding of the learning process
III. Assuming the responsibility to sustain professional growth
IV. Acting as an agent of change
A. II and IV
D. I and III

43. What should a teacher do when he/she falls in love with his/her student?
A. Court the student at home
B. Wait till the student is no longer under his/her tutelage
C. Propose and marry the student
D. Act normally as if nothing happens and the student does not exist

44. Dr. Velasco, a school division superintendent acted on the complaint filed by a group of parents against the alleged misconduct of a particular teacher. She issued a memorandum requiring her to take a leave of absence for a week while the complaint is being heard yet. Was the action of the superintendent legal?
A. Yes, because she is the superintendent.
B. No, because the complaint has not been heard yet.
C. Yes, the superintendent has disciplinary authority over the teachers.
D. No, the superintendent has no disciplinary authority over teachers.

45. Teachers are required to make an individual Plan for Professional Development (IPPD). This is based on the philosophy that the teacher is a “lifelong learner”. The NCBTS provides steps for ____ assessments in making IPPD.
A. need
B. peer
C. collegial
D. self

46. As a professional teacher you must be good at interactive communications. What does interactive communication include?
I. Person-to-person e-mail correspondence
II. Interaction through simulations and models
III. Electronic mailing list, video conferencing, chat rooms
IV. Group interaction in virtual learning space or audio communications

A. I, II, and III
B. II and III
C. I, II, III, and IV
D. I and II

47. The new Performance Appraisal System for Teachers (PAST) is ______.
A. practice-based
B. competency-based
C. knowledge-based
D. skill-based

48. How can the efforts of four agencies (DepEd, CHED, PRC CSC) be best achieved for the training and development of teachers?
A. Synchronization
B. cost-reduction
C. streamlining
D. sharing of resources

49. To ensure high standards of the teacher’s personal and professional development, what tool/instrument was developed by the DepEd for self-assessment?

50. Teacher Nory wants to continue with her study leave for another six months after completing a school year. Could she be allowed?
A. Yes, but without compensation
B. No, study leave should not exceed one year
C. No, another teacher should have the chance
D. Yes, if her grades are excellent

Answer key

1. D11. D21. D31. C41. D
2. B12. C22. A32. B42. C
3. B13. D23. A33. D43. B
4. B14. B24. A34. B44. C
5. C15. D25. D35. B45. D
6. A16. D26. A36. A46. C
7. D17. B27. C37. D47. B
8. C18. C28. B38. D48. A
9. D19. C29. B39. C49. B
10. D20. B30. D40. D50. A

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