[12 Test Answers] FEMA IS-1116: Sales for Agents

Here are the FEMA test answers to IS-1116: Sales for Agents.

Overview: The FEMA IS-1116 course was published on 10/1/2019 to provide insurance agents with information on marketing to increase flood insurance policy sales and highlights FEMA and National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) marketing resources.

The IS-1116 course also provides agents with talking points and tips for overcoming common objections and flood insurance myths. It provides agents with building blocks to start a conversation about the benefits of a flood insurance policy and overcome common objections

FEMA IS-1116 test answers

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Question 1. If you want to review local flood maps to locate Special Flood Hazard Areas in your neighborhood, which resource should you use? 
A. FloodSmart.gov
B. The NFIP Flood Insurance Manual
C. FEMA’s Map Service Center✅
D. Google Maps

Question 2. Which website is the official consumer-facing website of the NFIP and shares Survivor Stories of insured property owners?
A. survivalofthefittest.org
B. FEMA.gov
C. FloodSmart.gov✅
D. Flood.gov

Question 3. Barring any waiting period exceptions, it takes ___ days for a flood policy to take effect. 
A. 15 days
B. 1 day
C. 7 days
D. 30 days✅

Question 4. For properties located in ______, flood insurance is mandatory if your client has a building that is security for a federally regulated loan. 
A. High-risk flood zones✅
B. A community in the Emergency Program
C. Low-risk flood zones
D. Non-Special Flood Hazard Areas

Question 5. Property owners and business owners who have flood insurance typically ________ after a flood. 
A. Receive less money for repairs
B. Never recover
C. Cancel their insurance
D. Experience a quicker and fuller recovery✅

Question 6. Which resource is a great reference for all things flood insurance, including what’s considered a flood, what’s covered, affordable coverage options, and more? 
A. The NFIP Claims Manual✅
B. The NFIP Flood Insurance Agent Field Guide
C. The NFIP Flood Insurance Adjuster Field Guide
D. The Flood 101 Agent Guide

Question 7. A flood insurance waiver should be completed _________. 
A. When a new flood policy is written
B. When a lender mandates flood insurance purchase✅
C. When your client declines your offer to purchase flood insurance
D. When your client renews their flood insurance policy

Question 8. Which designation was developed by The Institutes and FEMA to help a wide variety of stakeholders “confidently and accurately handle all aspects of flood insurance.” 
A. Associate in National Flood Insurance (ANFI)✅
B. Associate of Floodplain Managers (ASFPM)
C. American Property & Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA)
D. Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM)

Question 9. Offering clients flood insurance can ______. 
A. Increase your risk for E&O claims
B. Increase your overall commissions✅
C. Decrease your overall commissions
D. Lower your chances of making a sale

Question 10. Which type of policy is a lower-cost alternative available for properties located in Zones B, C, X, AR, or A99 that meet certain loss history requirements? 
A. Submit for Rate
B. The Newly Mapped Procedure
C. The Preferred Risk Policy✅
D. Standard-rated policy

Question 11. A _______ is a great local contact whose job it is to effectively manage floodplain resources and flood mitigation. They can help you identify local floodplain areas with frequent issues as well as identify local stormwater drainage issues such as flash flooding from torrential rainfall, snowmelt, and inadequate local storm sewers that are not identified on FEMA flood maps. 
A. Floodplain Manager✅
B. Town Council Member
C. Insurance Adjuster
D. Surveyor

Question 12. Which of the following is a lower-cost alternative for property owners who have been remapped into a high-risk Special Flood Hazard Area? 
A. The Newly Mapped Procedure
B. Submit for Rate
C. High-risk subsidies
D. The Preferred Risk Policy✅