[20 Test Answers] FEMA IS-201: Forms Used for the Development of the Incident Action Plan

Here are the FEMA test answers to IS-201: Forms Used for the Development of the Incident Action Plan.

Overview: The FEMA IS-201 course was published on 10/31/2013 and is a web-based training course on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS). The course is designed to provide training through an independent study vehicle on the use of ICS forms.

Primary audience: The Target Audience for FEMA IS-201 is the emergency management and response personnel who may be called upon to function in a Command, General Staff, or Unit Leader position during a significant incident or event, and who may be called upon to help prepare some portion of the Incident Action Plan.

FEMA IS-201 test answers

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1. The ICS-205 is prepared by the _______ and given to the Planning Section Chief for inclusion in the IAP.
A. Safety Officer
B. Logistics Section Chief✅
C. Incident Commander
D. Planning Section Chief

2. Which standard ICS form details the specific actions the Divisions or Groups will be taking in support of the overall incident objectives?
A. ICS-202: Incident Objectives
B. ICS-204: Assignment List✅
C. ICS-203: Organization Assignment List
D. ICS-215: Operational Planning Worksheet

3. The purpose of the Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis (ICS-215A) is to aid the Safety Officer in completing an operational risk assessment to prioritize hazard, safety, and health issues, and to develop appropriate mitigations.
A. True✅
B. False

4. Which planning phase involves determining the tactical direction and the specific resources, reserves, and support requirements for implementing the selected strategies and tactics for the operational period?
A. Establish Incident Objectives and Strategy
B. Prepare and Disseminate the Plan
C. Develop the Plan✅
D. Execute, Evaluate, and Revise the Plan

5. The planning process may begin with which of the following?
A. Scheduling of a planned event
B. Initial response to an actual or impending incident
C. Identification of a credible threat
D. All of the above✅

6. Which form provides the Planning Section documentation on resources released from the incident?
A. ICS-204: Assignment List
B. ICS-214: Activity Log
C. ICS-208: Safety/Message Plan
D. ICS-221: Demobilization Check-Out✅

7. Which of the following is NOT one of the purposes of the Incident Check-In List (ICS-211)?
A. Records arrival times at the incident of all overhead personnel, tactical resources, and equipment
B. Facilitates the oral briefing in the transfer of command process✅
C. Records the initial location of personnel and equipment to facilitate subsequent assignments
D. Supports demobilization by recording the home base, method of travel, etc. for resources checked in

8. The Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis (ICS-215A) is typically prepared by the Planning Section Chief during the incident action planning cycle.
A. True
B. False✅

9. _______ is the release and return of resources that are no longer required, and is a planned process.
A. Demobilization✅
B. Reconstitution
C. Decontamination
D. Demobilization Check-Out

10. Which form can assist the Time Unit, Cost Unit, and Compensation and Claims Unit in providing accurate reports to other agencies after the incident to document reimbursement claims?
A. ICS-201: Incident Briefing
B. ICS-202: Incident Objectives
C. ICS-211: Incident Check-In List
D. ICS-214: Activity Log✅

11. The _______ provides ICS personnel with information on the units that are currently activated and the names of personnel staffing each position/unit.
A. ICS-202: Incident Objectives
B. ICS-204: Assignment List✅
C. ICS-203: Organization Assignment List
D. Incident Action Plan

12. The _______ describes the basic incident strategy, incident objectives, command emphasis/priorities, and safety considerations for the next operational period.
A. ICS-203: Organization Assignment List
B. ICS-204: Assignment List
C. ICS-202: Incident Objectives✅
D. Incident Action Plan

13. The General Message (ICS-213) is used to record incoming messages that cannot be transmitted orally or when a hard-copy delivery is required.
A. True✅
B. False

14. Which form records details of notable activities at any ICS level, including single resources, equipment, and task forces?
A. ICS-201: Incident Briefing
B. ICS-214: Activity Log✅
C. ICS-211: Incident Check-In List
D. ICS-202: Incident Objectives

15. An Incident Action Plan (IAP) may include the identification of operational resources and assignments.
A. True✅
B. False

16. Which form is used to convey statements for safety message(s), priorities, and key command emphasis, decisions, or directions?
A. ICS-213: General Message
B. The Demobilization Plan
C. ICS-221: Demobilization Check-Out
D. ICS-208: Safety Message/Plan✅

17. Which form can be used to provide the initial Incident Commander and general staff with basic incident information and resource allocation?
A. ICS-214: Activity Log✅
B. ICS-211: Incident Check-In List
C. ICS-201: Incident Briefing
D. ICS-202: Incident Objectives

18. The Operational Planning Worksheet (ICS-215) communicates the decisions made by the Operations Section Chief during the Tactics Meeting concerning needs for the next operational period and _______.
A. Resource assignments✅
B. Placement of the ICP
C. Communications channels
D. Public information

19. Which planning phase includes gathering, recording, analyzing, and displaying situation, resource, and incident-potential information?
A. Analyze the Situation, Including Future Developments✅
B. Develop the Plan
C. Establish Incident Objectives and Strategy
D. Prepare and Disseminate the Plan

20. When the Branch, Division, or Group work assignments and accompanying resource allocations are agreed upon, the ICS-215 is distributed and used by the Planning Section to assist in the preparation of which form?
A. ICS-204: Assignment List✅
B. ICS-203: Organization Assignment List
C. ICS-202: Incident Objectives
D. ICS-214: Activity Log