[40 Questions] CSE Reviewer on Double-Word Analogy

Take this CSE reviewer on double-word analogy and increase your chances of passing the Civil Service Exam.

Increase your chances of passing the upcoming Civil Service Exam or CSE by taking this reviewer about double-word analogy.

Instruction: Choose the letter that corresponds to the pair of words that is related in the same way as the given pair of words.

CSE reviewer on double-word analogy

1. blend: mix : :
A. blare: whisper
B. bleach: whiten
C. blink: blind
D. bloom: flower

2. abattoir: slaughterhouse : :
A. quay: wharf
B. quack: duck
C. snail: slow
D. clown: fun

3. marriageable: nubile : :
A. single: group
B. music: mobile
C. puzzle: answer
D. decipherable: comprehensive

4. numismatist: money : :
A. aesthetics: beauty
B. fetish: obsession
C. linguist: language
D. scientist : sense

5. anxious: uneasy : :
A. egocentric: self-centered
B. wary: placid
C. feeble: strong
D. scornful: admirable

6. goat: kid : :
A. bear: cub
B. chicken: hen|
C. dog: Dalmatian
D. tiger: tigress

7. key: lock : :
A. litter: trash
B. pestle: pound
C. table: desk
D. sword: scabbard

8. dog: kennel : :
A. whale: pond
B. socks: feet
C. pig: sty
D. eagle: barn

9. book: leaves : :
A. house: kitchen
B. chimney: roof
C. fan: electricity
D. chair: sitting

10. panda: China : :
A. grizzly: Africa
B. polar bear: America
C. Pooh: Disneyland
D. koala: Australia

11. jubilant: morose : :
A. humble: modest
B. joyous: happy
C. simple: lavish
D. pompous: pretentious

12. tiny: microscopic : :
A. uproar: laughter
B. large: mammoth
C. argument: meeting
D. storm: weather

13. to smile: to guffaw : :
A. to walk: to stroll
B. to frown: to weep
C. to munch: to eat
D. to lift: to carry

14. hand: arm : :
A. foot: leg
B. hips: sway
C. waist: belt
D. shoulder: neck

15. pre: post : :
A. anti: pro
B. semi: equi
C. able: can
D. demi: half

16. auditorium: audience : :
A. hall: pictures
B. movie house: cinema
C. coliseum: spectators
D. commuters: transportation

17. Edgar Allan Poe: Annabel Lee : :
A. Robert Frost: Medea
B. Pygmalion: Galatea
C. Chaucer: Antigone
D. Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

18. advise: counsel : :
A. lead: direct
B. loss: lost
C. peace: piece
D. want: quality

19. perspire: sweat : :
A. clouds: rain
B. cry: tears
C. fan: wind
D. sad: lonely

20. extricate: set free : :
A. journey: far
B. liquidate: liquify
C. implicate: involve
D. migrate: stay

21. maggot: fly : :
A. caterpillar: leaves
B. bees: wasp
C. butterfly: moth
D. tadpole: frog

22. he: him : :
A. me: I
B. they: them
C. you: yours
D. her: she

23. lie: to recline : :
A. lay: put down
B. macabre: beauty
C. nab: release
D. quench: to thirst

24. igloo: Eskimo : :
A. cavemen: cave
B. palace: kings
C. destitute: shanty
D. bees: beehive

25. dictionary: word meanings : :
A. almanac: synonymous
B. encyclopedia: word origin
C. atlas: maps
D. thesaurus: dinosaurs

26. extemporaneous: rehearsed : :
A. live: taped
B. momentous: important
C. nefarious: wicked
D. salubrious: healthful

27. tavern: bar : :
A. inn: hotel
B. apartment: loft
C. condominium: office
D. attic: chimney

28. duchess: duke : :
A. count: countess
B. ewe: ram
C. gentleman: lady
D. wizard: witch

29. dwindle: decrease : :
A. defer: act promptly
B. deny: grant
C. forge: stop
D. multiply: increase

30. prowess: cowardice : :
A. adept: skilled
B. adroit: uncoordinated
C. garrulous: talkative
D. hubris: pride

31. charisma: charismata : :
A. deer: deers
B. bacterium: bacteriums
C. basis: bases
D. eighty: eighty’s

32. quintuplet: five : :
A. triplet: three
B. quartuplet: four
C. doublet: two
D. sexton: six

33. attention: attn : :
A. approximate: appro.
B. bal: balance
C. building: bldng.
D. manager: mgr

34. arachnophobia: fear of spider : :
A. hydrophobia: fear of wet objects
B. claustrophobia: fear of clauses
C. photophobia: fear of ight
D. xenophobia: fear of sin

35. unscrew: tighten : :
A. remove: restore
B. relinquish: give up
C. sensitize: make sensitive
D. stupefy: make insensible

36. verbose: speechless : :
A. voracious: greedy
B. vicious: kind
C. wanton: lewd
D. waspish: irritable

37. COD: cash on deliver : :
A. DST: daylight saving time
B. PO: public office
C. NA: not appointed
D. RSVP: please approve

38. adjacent: near : :
A. congruent: dissimilar
B. converge: separate
C. deliberate: intentional
D. delude: guide

39. firmament: sky : :
A. clouds: air
B. moon: planer
C. star: gas
D. soil: ground

40. languid: strong : :
A. feeble: active
B. innocuous: harmless
C. opportune: timely
D. truculent: restless

Answer key

1. B9. A17. D25. C33. D
2. A10. D18. A26. A34. C
3. D11. C19. B27. A35. A
4. C12. B20. C28. B36. B
5. A13. B21. D29. D37. A
6. A14. A22. B30. B38. C
7. D15. A23. A31. C39. D
8. C16. C24. B32. A40. A

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