[40 Questions] CSE Reviewer: Synonyms

Test and expand your vocabulary with these review questions about word synonyms for the upcoming Civil Service Exam (CSE).

1. We should never be apathetic towards other people for we have a social responsibility to fulfill.
A. indifferent
B. concerned
C. generous
D. worried

2. A good leader should be cognizant of the numerous issues that affect his constituents.
A. aware
B. uninformed
C. confused
D. idealistic

3. Always be careful not to issue any disparaging remarks against other people.
A. praising
B. confusing
C. damaging
D. discouraging

4. Flowers are ephemeral; they bloom yet wither a week or so later.
A. shrivel
B. long-lasting
C. beautiful
D. short-lived

5. A fastidious person will never find true happiness.
A. simple
B. choosy
C. greedy
D. contented

6. The Ortigas Center is filled with gargantuan buildings, some having up to 50 floors.
A. crowded
B. old and weak
C. first class
D. gigantic

7. Nobody like haughty Monty who kept bragging about his riches.
A. arrogant
B. foolish
C. respectable
D. dependable

8. The corrupt policeman was discharged from service due to his ignominious act of accepting bribes.
A. honorable
B. disrespectable
C. unwanted
D. remarkable

9. The impudent child was scolded for answering back to older people.
A. respectful
B. honorable
C. clever
D. rude

10. Spores are infinitesimal reproductive units of fungi and lower plants.
A. invisible
B. interesting
C. microscopic
D. large

11. Never trust an insidious person because you’ll never know what goes on his mind.
A. honest
B. treacherous
C. loyal
D. trustworthy

12. Jessica is an irascible girl who frequently has tantrums.
A. impatient
B. cheerful
C. hot-tempered
D. jolly

13. Surgeons should be meticulous, especially when performing operations.
A. careful
B. careless
C. strict
D. lenient

14. Christ teaches us to be concerned about putting up riches in heaven and not to be obsessed with mundane things.
A. temporary
B. worldly
C. insignificant
D. important

15. Rochelle has difficulty seeing things from afar because she is myopic.
A. cross-eyed
B. eagle-eyed
C. farsighted
D. nearsighted

16. Regina, being a child of three, is oblivious to the world around her.
A. careful
B. carefree
C. aware
D. unmindful

17. Man can never be omniscient like God.
A. all-knowing
B. logical
C. immortal
D. miraculous

18. The piquant mouse was able to find its way out of the maze in a short while.
A. dumb
B. clever
C. small
D. unusual

19. It is now plausible to say that someday, interplanetary travel will no longer be impossible.
A. reasonable
B. unusual
C. illogical
D. extraordinary

20. A prudent person is not easily deceived.
A. loyal
B. careless
C. wise
D. foolish

21. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is a common aphorism.
A. slogan
B. battle cry
C. proverb
D. motto

22. Charmaine’s deportment is highly commendable.
A. belief
B. behavior
C. intelligence
D. competence

23. For enmity and hate are contrary to friendship and concord.
A. agreement
B. mutual hatred
C. confusion
D. division

24. The Filipino’s fortitude is the reason why he seldom complains.
A. endurance
B. peace-loving
C. discontent
D. satisfaction

25. Poverty should never be viewed as an impediment towards attaining a good education.
A. reason
B. way
C. link
D. obstruction

26. The students were upbraided for misbehaving during the assembly.
A. praised
B. honored
C. scolded
D. stopped

27. Urbane people are appalled by rude behavior.
A. well-mannered
B. ill-mannered
C. modern
D. rich

28. Clowns are never vapid but the sick usually are.
A. lively and energetic
B. lacking spirit and liveliness
C. clumsy
D. funny

29. The client was asked to verify the veracity of the statement of accounts issued.
A. accuracy
B. discrepancy
C. redundancy
D. mistake

30. Dentists believe that babies should be weaned from feeding bottles as soon as possible to prevent malformation of the infant’s erupting teeth.
A. get used to
B. develop hatred for
C. free from dependence
D. make more dependent

31. Some people believe that Balete Drive is haunted because a wraith of a woman appears there.
A. shadow
B. statue
C. reflection
D. ghost

32. She looks unkempt with her wavy coarse hair falling freely behind her back.
A. pretty
B. neat
C. prim and proper
D. untidy

33. The room is topsy-turvy as if a hurricane just passed through.
A. disorderly
B. destroyed
C. orderly
D. clean

34. Sherlock Holmes is a famous sleuth.
A. adventurer
B. scientist
C. detective
D. criminal

35. Mindy rummaged through the chest of old clothes for something usable to donate.
A. searched through
B. wandered through
C. passed through
D. scattered

36. Only a ruffian could do such a heinous act of killing a helpless child.
A. an insane person
B. a brutal person
C. a lovable person
D. a confused person

37. To augment the policemen’s income, the government allowed them to take part-time jobs.
A. increase
B. contribute
C. limit
D. remove

38. A person’s reputation is very important to be very careful not to calumniate anybody.
A. embarrass
B. abuse
C. tease
D. slander

39. The footprints were effaced when the floor was mopped.
A. printed
B. erased
C. deformed
D. developed

40. The plane overshot the runway and landed in a ditch.
A. passed through
B. passed by
C. went beyond
D. did not reach

Answer key

1. A9. D17. A25. D33. A
2. A10. C18. B26. C34. C
3. C11. B19. A27. A35. A
4. D12. C20. C28. B36. B
5. B13. A21. C29. A37. A
6. D14. B22. B30. C38. D
7. A15. D23. B31. D39. B
8. B16. D24. A32. D40. C

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