[6 Test Answers] AF Advanced C-IED Attack the Network

Here are the test answers on AF Advanced C-IED Attack the Network.

Overview: AF Advanced C-IED Attack the Network refers to a concept and approach used by the United States Air Force (AF) to counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and disrupt the networks that support them. C-IED stands for Counter-IED, which encompasses various tactics, techniques, and procedures employed to detect, neutralize, and defeat IED threats.

The AF Advanced C-IED Attack the Network strategy aims to enhance the Air Force’s ability to counter the evolving threats posed by IEDs by adopting a comprehensive and proactive approach that goes beyond simply addressing the physical devices themselves.

AF Advanced C-IED Attack the Network test answers

Question 1. What are two types of exploitation used to attack the network?
Answer: Forensic and technical

Question 2. What are the key functions of a terrorist organization?
Answer: supply chain, recruiting, funding, and people to organize and execute

Question 3. You see a host national taking pictures of the facilities on your base, what do you do?
Answer: report the activity through the appropriate chain of command

Question 4. So how do we get left off the boom?
Answer: attack the network at the root

Question 5. Technical exploitation by theater laboratories starts with the evidence collected by people engaged in daily operational tasks, like?
Answer: You

Question 6. What are the two most common types of organizational structures used by terrorist groups?
Answer: Networked and hierarchical